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There used to be a time when we had to keep a track of dates for submission of different bills. Firstly planning a visit to the bill payment centre, beating the traffic to reach a place early, standing in long queues or pleading to the shopkeeper who did the recharge to quickly recharge are scenarios when things were difficult.

Thanks to Freecharge Coupons, RechargeItNow and similar websites, the hassle of recharging and payment of bills has vanished. In the following you will read about the recharge coupons and the ease which they have brought it our lives:

  1. What is Recharge Coupon?

A recharge coupon is a wonder which helps us to recharge mostly our mobile phones, DTH and Cable Service and Data Card.

Online Recharge websites such as, Freecharge, RechargeItNow, CouponDunia, Mobikwik and lots more have eased the pain of paying bills offline or recharging our electrical facilities. Through such websites, we can quickly recharge our pre-paid, post-paid mobile phones, DTH and Data Cards or through some websites like Freecharge, for example, pay the electricity bill, gas bill, landline bill etc.

  1. How to recharge using website?

To use an online recharge shop or website is simple. User can choose one website and select from the services available on that website. A site like RechargeItNow will let you recharge mobile, data card and DTH while site like Freecharge would help you recharge and pay the bills, just as mentioned above.

Once you have selected what you want to recharge, you will be asked to fill in some personal details and finally be asked to pay the amount using online bank transfers or net banking. After the amount has been paid, the user is notified about the same and then you can relax as your recharge process is done!

  1. The Cashback

On some of the online recharge website, you are likely to see ‘Cashback on so and so product’. The Cashback is an added advantage to online recharging. It is like an added incentive to buyers who receive cash refund or cash back after buying a certain product. It can simply be termed as, ‘being paid for recharging your phone, DTH or Data etc.’

For Cashback, a user needs to login or register on the online recharge website and select from the Cashback coupons available. Once the coupon is decided, they click on ‘Activate Deal’ or ‘Reveal Coupon’ and shop or recharge normally. When the recharge or shopping procedure is completed, the user receives promised amount of cash in the wallet of the account of their selected recharge coupons website.

With that Cashback, users can either transfer it to their bank account or can use it to shop more or can even recharge their mobile phone!

  1. Added Services

It is important to keep a tab on the upcoming Online Recharge Portals. Every now and then they keep adding new facilities or important new services onto their websites. Freecharge, for example, is coming up with a facility where the user can be reminded of making payments.

They also have a new service called; ‘Auto-Pay’, wherein you can add the amount once in your Freecharge wallet and when the time comes, Freecharge will automatically make payments of the pending or due bills. A confirmation is also sent to the user.

  1. Be careful of Terms and Conditions

We know it’s easy to be impressed and get excited seeing the amazing offers on recharges but we also urge you to read the terms and conditions which are there on the coupons.

Generally, the recharge coupons are pretty transparent in their dealings but many coupons have a ‘* T&C applied’ note written on bottom of code. The terms and conditions mostly explain the use of the coupon and certain conditions. So, no harm is done to read those terms. We promise, they are not elaborate or tedious to read and understand!

In conclusion, when so many online recharge sites are making your job easy, why still visit the bill payment centre or go to recharge shops? Using a recharge coupon is easy and efficient. Just choose a website, choose a deal, activate the deal, may or may not receive Cashback and that’s it! Start using online recharge shops such as Freecharge, RechargeItNow and Paytm etc to make your life easy or at least your recharges easy! Grab that recharge coupon now!

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