Ramanaidu : The Journey To Guinness!

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ramanaidu inspiration, inspiration life ramanaidu, ramanaidu achievements, ramanaidu life story, ramanaidu motivationYesterday marked the death of one of the most popular movie producers in India – Ramanaidu. Ramanaidu was lovingly called the Movie Moghul who has produced about 150 movies so far – the highest by any individual. He has produced movies in multiple languages – Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Oriya and also English.He’s perhaps the only filmmaker in India to work on so many languages – . (Source: ibtimes)


– He holds the guinness world record of producing the most number of movies by an individual.

– He is the recipient of PadmaBhushan – the third highest civilian award in India.

– Ramanaidu won the Dada Saheb Phalke award for his lifetime achievement in the movie industry for his outstanding contribution for the growth and development of Indian cinema.

– He is known for his philanthropic work through Ramanaidu Charitable Trust

– He was also a member of the parliament during 1999-2004

Spurts of Inspiration

– Ramanaidu came from a remote village in Andhra. During his vacations – he used to work as a compounder in a hospital to familiarize himself with the field.

– His dropped out of school to pursue his interest in drama. He quit studies to start working instead.

– He managed a rice mill business and a transport business in Karmchedu. And finally all of this led to the start of a production company.

– And then as history would quote – he went on to make the most number of films not only in Indian cinema but also in the world of cinema.

And the Analysis

It is funny how the journey of life takes someone. If someone were to ask him when he started working as a compounder or a rice mill business owner if he would go on to produce the most number of films in the industry standard – I doubt if his answer would have been a yes.

But looking back now – it all seems to make sense. It is like when Steve Jobs says – “You can’t connect the dots by looking forward, you can only connect them by looking backwards” and now I guess it makes a perfect story with each one of them joining to the other.

Also I had read somewhere that an average individual would have upto about 7 careers in a life time – forget the jobs, we are talking about careers here. And yet in schools we are taught that we have to select a path for ourselves and make sure that we are in it no matter what – no matter how difficult things get. And I am sure we will find a lot of examples of people who have achieved magnificent successes in that as well.

However, I guess success is a very subjective word and it means many different things to many different people. And perhaps the only sane definition of success is living a life which you think makes most sense to you, finding a career which you think allows you to grow the best, falling in love with a person you really admire and respect or maybe even making tons of money and lending it to the govt of India.

I guess there are multiple definitions of success, but none better than the definition of happiness through it. RIP Ramanaidu.

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2 thoughts on “Ramanaidu : The Journey To Guinness!

  1. Sorry to hear about the death of this popular movie maker… I was so away from news that I did not even get a chance to see news websites from so many days…

  2. Thank you Yashwanth. I think we all have different definitions of success and each one of them is perfectly right and perfectly wrong too. As long as we are happy with it, then I guess we really are up there 🙂

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