Quote On Advice: Listen To The Best Advice, Go Away And Do The Exact Opposite

Quote On Advice

quote on advice, listen to advice, dont do as advised, G.K.Chesterton quote on advice

Quote On Advice
“I owe my success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice, and then going away doing the exact opposite”
– G.K.Chesterton

“I owe my success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice, and then going away doing the exact opposite”

– G.K.Chesterton

All my life, I have hated people who have given me advice without me asking for it, the ones who assumed that they are superior or even qualified to give me advice and sometimes even impose it on me. And today I feel really good about writing a quote on advices and the beauty in staying away from them. Before we go ahead, you should know that there are 6 types of people who advice you. You can find more details about it here:

There are a few common aspects about seeking advice. A few reasons we seek advice for are:

– We are stuck at a problem and would like to find our way out

– We need some attention and sympathy is a good way to get it.

– We have some ideas and need to brainstorm on them and would like a second opinion which is more objective

– We want to avoid the common mistakes done by others

Quote on Advice: Why Do We Seek

Ideally I think none of us really need someone telling us what to do. Somewhere deep down, we know it already – we all are smart enough to figure out what to do with our lives and there are so many ways we can get at the results we want. And sometimes we just want to explore. None of us ask advice or seek advice cos we are desperate, we are not.

We seek it cos we need an idea, a thought and sometimes a support.

Unfortunately very few people understand the purpose of giving an advice when they are asked for it. Most times they take a pedantic tone and give you a lecture on what you should do and how you should go about it. Some of them even take the liberty to call you stupid and immature and the decision is completely wrong.


Quote on Advice: What to do about them:

My honest suggestion is that – listen to them with utmost respect – laugh about it in your head cos you know that it is going to make an awesome story someday. Don’t take it too seriously, most times even the ones who are giving it are not that serious either – they are giving it for the sake of giving an advice.

So, listen to it with keen interest, decide on it later, let your thoughts sink in. Listen to your mind, talk to yourselves loudly. If someone is telling you something emphatically, it just means that they are stressing on a point which seems important to them and to their world. They might mean nothing to you and it is completely ok to treat it like garbage.

There is no sense in treating everything you listen to with utmost respect. Some people and some thoughts don’t really deserve that.

Stop worrying about disappointing people by not taking their advice, every successful person is bound to disappoint a lot of people, sometimes for the very reason of being successful. Stop worrying about an idiotic idea or a suggestion and start worrying about what is important in life. It will lead you to where you want to go and the rest is really your story to say, not theirs


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