Quote Of The Day: While One Person Hesitates Because He Feels Inferior, The Other Is Busy Making Mistakes And Becoming Superior

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Quote Of The Day:

Making Mistakes To become Superior“While One Person Hesitates Because He Feels Inferior, The Other Is Busy Making Mistakes And Becoming Superior”

We all go through these phases don’t we? The phase of being extremely confident and the phase of feeling inferior and doubting our abilities and somehow we have always pulled through these phases to bring our lives back on track and things magically seem to gel together. The trick and the only trick is to get back on our feet as soon as possible. Cos we all are going to fall some time or the other, it is about how fast we get up and bring life back on track..

One of the worst things about feeling inferior is that it makes us question a lot of things, especially our abilities and shakes our confidence. When we are in such a place, every little action of ours counts and we want to be as perfect as possible and avoid every single mistake that might come our way. Have you ever heard of this phrase – A man who thinks more than necessary suffers more than necessary? Or how about the whole idea of being a perfectionist?

Someone once told me that being a perfectionist is one of the worst standards to hold in life. The simplest reason being that a perfectionist is never satisfied cos perfection is the most elusive word or world that can ever be. And we all have a different illusion of perfection. So what is perfect for me, need not be perfect for you and vice versa. In short, trying to avoid all mistakes is a sure path for disaster.

We are human beings, we are designed to make mistakes and we are designed to learn from them to bring life to the path we desire. All our books and culture have so far taught us never to make mistakes, never to feel low about them. Those might be true for the BIG mistakes in life, the mistakes taking society into perspective.  But what about the small ones?

But none of these thoughts were designed for an individual or his perspective. If we try and extrapolate the same standard to our life, then we are headed for a disaster. By this time, we all know that we are going to make mistakes, we are going to screw up and that is the only way to grow.

“Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions”

Quite simple isn’t it? The more protected you are from making any mistakes in life, the more derailed its structure is going to be. Instead, embrace the natural course and design, don’t fight it so much. Don’t try  to upset your natural balance so much in order to bring a text book definition to your life. Your life is not that limited, there is lots more to it. There are lot more riches to be unearthed and ‘growth’ to be achieved. Don’t just fall prey to the smaller standards of the society just cos someone elder asks you to. Go out there, make your mistakes but make sure that you make each one of them count.

End of the day, none of these mistakes should go a waste.

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18 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: While One Person Hesitates Because He Feels Inferior, The Other Is Busy Making Mistakes And Becoming Superior

  1. TRY,TRY & TRY BUT DON’T CRY,be happy. everyone is here a sinner in some or the other way so don’t bother about mistakes,just rectify it and achieve the desired results.

    1. Try and try but don’t cry. He he 😀 . I really like the coinage Suraj :). I agree mate, everyone here is a sinner and we all sin in our own ways. It definietely makes no sense worrying about the mistake, we need results and we need to find ways to get what we want. Or else, it is just our loss!

    1. Thank you Rakesh. I am glad that you liked the post. I am really liking the posts from the last two days. I get a feeling that I am able to connect stronger to the real issues through these posts. Hopefully will come up with more such interesting ones even more regularly..

  2. Incredible article.!!!!Each and every sentence of the article is a hidden truth in itself.Thanks for such a wonderful motivating article.

    1. Thank you Adarssh. Personally I liked this one and the one yesterday. I guess these two are the best posts we have come up with in the last ten days and I am very happy with the way it is getting received. And the quote is a brilliant one to say the least..

  3. Your posts always reflect life and, practical approaches of learning from it…. 🙂

    “Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions”- much like the trial and error method but definitely the way to be perfect. There is no other shortcut unless one is a genius… 🙂

    1. He he thank you Maniparna. I think you are the first one to decipher my writing style and a generalization to it. And I’m really proud that you captioned it in such a perfect way. It was kinda what I was going for as well :).. Mission accomplished.

      He he, isn’t that true? I mean we have all made those mistakes so many times and only then we realized that these were called mistakes cos they make no sense to our lives and then we find ways to learn from them or make our lives better which in a way serves our true purpose of life. Coming to think of it, it is a fairly well rounded experience isn’t it 🙂

  4. Awesome awesome and awesome.Wish u to meet my mentor after my success and wish to tell people that how wonderfully mentor writes.hats off

    1. Thank you Bindu :). It will be my pleasure to meet you and I am sure you will do great in the exams. It sure is an honor to read these words and I’d love to meet

    1. Thank you Vishal. I have always advocated making mistakes not just cos they are taking us somewhere but the amount of growth and results they put us into is splendid to say the least..

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