Quote Of The Day: It Is Not Just Enough To Have A Good Mind; The Main Thing Is To Use It Well – Rene Descartes

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Quote Of The Day:

Its Not Good Enough Just to Have a Good Mind“It Is Not Just Enough To Have A Good Mind; The Main Thing Is To Use It Well”

– Rene Descartes

A very good morning guys! And today’s pick of the day is Rene Descartes and the people who always want to do good BUT…

Have you encountered such people in life? Those kind of people who very often say – I meant to do that but.. I was capable of that but.

  • I had such a great potential in life but if not for these challenges I would have so done it by now.
  • If only I had the support you have at the family I would have taken more risks.
  • If only I was financially more secure I would have achieved my dreams.
  • I would have become the PM if those guys let me.

and so on. I think we have all had our share of such people or as I call them the constant ‘If’ and ‘But’ men.

I have always had this curious question:

Why do people do that? 

Why do people say that they were capable of things but could not do it because of so many reasons. Who is this justification for?

And then I had a better question.

How many times have I done that? 

Turns out, more than I had actually thought. There have been quite a few situations I can remember. I had told myself I would have become a great fast bowler if my parents supported my enthusiasm in cricket and other sports. I would have been a motivational speaker if it had a strong career path and so on.

Some of them have been my internal ramblings and some serious thoughts. But nevertheless there have been these situations where I have used the Ifs and Buts. Not that I am very proud of it but it has happened.

On a similar note, I wanted to be a social messiah and I have given myself a lot of reasons as to why not. Something I realized over time is that ‘Giving reasons and justifications is very easy in life’ and we all are pretty good at it. And another truth is that no one really cares for these reasons.

End of the day, the results matter – “Actions speak louder than words, Don’t They”? No one really cares what you actually wanted to do unless you went out and did it. No one really knows what is going on in your mind and how much goodness your heart has unless it has a vent and a result to prove it.

You and I may internally feel happy about the kind of people we are and I agree that it is very very important in life to feel that. But is that really enough? Are these reasons and explanations, just justifications which are supposed to make us feel better or are they headed somewhere?

The answer is – YES! They are headed somewhere. They are headed to the time and maturity when we realize that all these great thoughts we have and the things we want to do and the reasons have a purpose. To make us realize how strongly we feel about something and how much we want to do something in life. And the moment we start acting on it, it takes us to a new world order altogether.

I believe that is what Rene Descartes is trying to tell us here. It is not just enough to have a good mind, it is not just enough to have great potential and capacity in life and it is not just enough to have ideas. The main thing is to implement them and make them count. Or else it just becomes another fancy dream of ours and a story which we tell our grandchildren who listen to it simply cos they have no other choice.

Fortunately, as Rene Descartes points out, we still have the control about how and what we do about these thoughts in life and the main thing is just to use our opportunities and thoughts well and make them really count.

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10 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: It Is Not Just Enough To Have A Good Mind; The Main Thing Is To Use It Well – Rene Descartes

  1. I agree Vinay. Having faculties is not enough, unless put to proper use – that applies to thoughts and intellectual abilities as well. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Somali :), True true, there is a lot more beauty to action than mere thoughts. I am usually quite lost when people praise ideas and ideas alone. There is so much more to making an idea work and sometimes that becomes a much bigger deal than the idea alone..

  2. Man… I have taken a lot of risks. And people have told me that it is possible in my case because nobody is financially dependent on me and that I am completely responsibility free, to an extent I felt it’s true. But then I look up to my brother, who saved money from his IT job only to materialise his dream of becoming a wedding and new born photographer. I guess there are so many who are financially dependent on him… but he made it so good and so I completely agree with the quote you chose and with Rene too 🙂 Thanks Vinay…

    1. It’s always a great feeling to talk to a risk taker Tara, they really know the truth and that aspect in life as to how we respond to pressure and it teaches us a lot more than we can coin in words here. Somehow somewhere I realize that people want to see life as a predictable scenario. I don’t disagree with that completely but part of the fun is just going out there and defying our limits cos we have that internal ability and we badly want something and are ready to go out there and do it.
      I think a lot of factors define us and we all have those internal and external challenges of our own. The way we act on them to make that difference makes the cut..

  3. Actions speak louder than words- indeed and, whatever ideas, strength, courage, determination, we have, nothing count unless and until we make them visible with our actions…. 🙂

    1. Thank you Maniparna. True, true, we have nothing to show for others and most of all ourselves if we don’t act on our thoughts. We can’t live vicariously or even theoretically just to make ourselves feel better. THat really doesn’t matter, we got to get out there and make those changes or else nothing really matters, does it?!

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