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Walt Disney Quote:

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Walt Disney : The importance of deadlines in life, how you can use them to your best advantage and more..

Here you are with today’s quote of the day:

Everyone Needs Deadlines

– Walt Disney

If I had heard this quote a few years ago, I would have jumped at it with a complete opposition and called it complete Hogwash. I worked as an engineer in a company and was used to that constant pressure of deadlines and those meetings with the managers where I had to explain those delays and there was no way I could come across as a responsible worker whenever I was in those meetings. Not that I didn’t work adequately, I did a lot of hard work but always found it very difficult to explain. Maybe the deadlines were way too harsh or maybe I had a lot more to learn. We will never know :P. But that gave me plenty of reasons to hate the deadlines and I wondered how Walt Disney could say that everyone needs a deadline.

I mean we are talking about creativity here, the man who created mickey mouse and his cartoons literally ruled the animation world and even today have a strong impact on the viewers. Here was a man who was known for his creative best – a side of us which comes out when we are stress-free and let our minds flow and he talks about deadlines. And the moment I hear them, the natural association is with the stress level included along with those and I naturally hated these deadlines and I didn’t want to get close to them.

But then again, I realize that deadlines and stress are two separate things. On one of our posts, we talked about stress, tension and 9 Elegant Techniques To Avoid Tension In Our Lives. The thought is pretty simple, we have work or a situation in front of us and time as always is the most precious resource. All a deadline does is gives us a timeline to work towards achieving these goals in life. And that is all there is to it. If we are falling short of time. it either means that the deadline might be too challenging or we need to develop that additional capacity to handle that stress.

Stress always is a self-induced development and a deadline has nothing to do with it. But what we think about the deadline has everything to do with it. When someone imposes a deadline upon us, it just means that they have a project or work to be completed and the time they have planned and allotted for it. It has got nothing to do with who you are or what you are capable of. So the first thing we need to do is dissociate ourselves from that pressure and stop making it personal. A deadline quite simply means the allocation of a resource and in this case it is time. If not for these deadlines we will never be able to complete any of our projects. In fact I am still working on a dream novel which started 10-15 years ago and is still in the first page.

We are never going to do something until we attach a timeline to it – whether it is a professional project or a personal one, the truth is quite simple – time is of utmost importance and deadlines sure get us cracking.

And that’s today’s quote of the day folks, all thanks to Walt Disney and his deadlines. Stay tuned in for more 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: Everyone Needs Deadlines – Walt Disney

  1. Undoubtedly Vinay….a bell is absolutely necessary to commence as well as to finish…and a allocation of scarce resource such as time is essential to complete a job well!

    1. Welcome aboard my friend. Thank you for the metaphor for the quote, we sure need a bell right on the top of our head to announce where we are and to reasess where we want to be. And it all works so beautifully well to make it count..

    1. Thank you Roohi :).. He he, I think we all have done really well under pressure to be where we are today. Along the way, we have never been taught to appreciate the deadlines cos we are so busy fighting them to win over them. But they too have a very important and an elegant role to play, just like this one 🙂

    1. Thank you Somali. Indeed, the fear of disappointing someone works right through us and we rarely do disappoint someone else as compared to ourselves. Thank you that is a very interesting perspective to this post and a great value add for the thought too.. Cheers..

  2. I really need a deadline, most of the times. Due to my laziness I keep on procrastinating until someone pushes me hard….:-D

    It’s an apt post for me…liked it… 😛

    1. Same here Maniparna. I have the attitude of waiting till the last minute of the deadline before finishing something. I have come to believe that I am at my best a couple of days before the deadline and I have come to enjoy the pressure associated with it. It makes me feel more alive 😀

    1. True Ravish. This really works for the current day pressures and stress levels. For a yogi, he is a man living beyond the limits of time and its pressures, for him the approach towards neothingness is to stand up for the test of time than finishing something within it.. Or maybe even he does have a timeline in the aspect that he has to achieve his nirvana or nothingness in the limit of the time he has been provided – maybe thats his deadline..

      1. Hahaha…… Nirvana isn’t achievement. Who tries to attain nirvana will always fail. The irony is you are already that you strive to be. The key isn’t effort but remembrance. No effort works, how much you pull your hair, in remembering something. You can only remember in state of calmness & peace. Nirvana isn’t doing but being. 🙂 Happiness doesn’t lies in achievement but journey.

        1. He he 😀 .. It has always struck as a very complicated concept to me Ravish. Something way distant and something I am not sure if I will ever be able to relate to but at the same time something very exciting to strive for. Such a mystique aspect!
          Truly quoted – Nirvana isn’t doing but being and it kinda takes an elevated stand over life and being unperturbed by the happenings around. Phew!

    1. Oh even I love them Archana. So close to life and I guess he was one person who never let the child in him die.. I love his other quote – That’s the real problem ,too many people grow up 😀 😛

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