Proof of Failure!!

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It is always a nice feeling to talk to people who have a bunch of ideas and want to make things happen. I was talking to my friend yesterday and as a part of the conversation he came up with this phrase – “Proof of failure”. His exact words were

 “ I want to try this new thing out, I don’t know whether it is going to work or not but I want the proof of failure. I am tired of talking about things, I want to do it”

 It is a lovely coinage to identify, As soon as he uttered this,I couldn’t help noting it down. The past few years has brought in an opportunity to meet a whole host of people so bright on ideas. In fact I have always envied these people who have had these ideas and wanted to make something big. It was the time when I thought, it was the ideas that rule the world and make change happen. It was knowledge that was everything. But later on I now realize, it is not just that knowledge, it is about the action on that knowledge which makes the difference. We all know what is right for us and what would be great for us, the real question is- how many of us are willing to get our hands dirty to make it happen!

This is when I understood the phrase – “ideas are dime a dozen”. It is the action that matters the most. But the truth would certainly be that we all are afraid, and that fear is a brilliant emotion, but only if we decide to make use of it. As for my friend’s phrase, I realize that we all are at a start on the brink of fear whether something would work or not, but like he said the proof of failure is a lot better factor than not trying at all.

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  1. Nice post … yes, action is really important and more than that keeping your self motivated during the time the action continuous 🙂 …

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