The power of saying Thank you!

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The power of saying Thank you!

How often have you felt this? You want to say thank you someone, you have felt completely inspired by them, you want to go up to them and show that you appreciate them, shower your praise on them. But something holds you back! Something makes you think before you actually go and do that. What is it that stops you? Are these the questions that hold you back?

1) What will they think if I say this?

2) I feel so shy to say that

3) What if they don’t take it in the way I intended?

Laura Trice works with an assisted facility where a major role is rehabilitation of addicts and she shares a few of her observations as enumerated below : 

1) Sometimes it comes to a core wound as simple as this – That their father died without ever saying that he is proud of them. But then they hear from their family and friends that their father had told them how proud he was of the son but never to the son.. Cos he didn’t know how badly his son needed to hear this.. ()

2) So why don’t we tell people what we need?

– Because it is critical data about us

– Because they can use it against us

– Because they may actually fulfil it!

Charity begins at home, so does love, so does appreciation. It is in those little things that we can make a huge difference.

I think there are two strong parameters here

1) We telling people what we like

– It may feel that we are exposing ourselves to someone. It also feels that we are vulnerable when we say it. It makes us feel weak and uncertain that we do not know how people are going to respond to it. But do it anyway. There is no way you are going to experience true love without being vulnerable. There is no true strength without being weak. There is no reality unless you open yourself up. Do it anyway.

2) Tell people around you how much everything means, even if it is trivial.

Most times we tend to think that something is understood and need not be told. It may be a cultural upbringing, it may be our shyness or it maybe any other good and a valid reason we can come up with. No matter what the reason is, say it any way not because you can feel better but because they deserve to know!

Well, I will start with mine, thank you soo much for reading this article 🙂

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6 thoughts on “The power of saying Thank you!

  1. thankfully when i came to uk , I picked some good habits and thank you is one of them .. Sorry and thank you comes naturally now..
    and when i visit india my friends ask me t okeep my mouth shut when i go out .. especially shopping 🙂

    but it is good to be thankful we should all be thank ful

    1. I think thats one of the most beautiful thing about people from UK. They are extremely polite and well mannered. I have taken a fancy towards their behaviour and of course the sense of humour. Fantastic indeed 🙂 ..

      He he, I see where you are coming from Bikram, it is tough to explain to friends as to why you do some things 🙂

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