A Positive Attitude May Not Solve All Your Problems But…. Herm Albright

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A Positive Attitude:

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A Positive Attitude May Not Solve All Your Problems but it sure will annoy some people

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort

Herm Albright

All life needs is a positive attitude and it will be wonderful journey – this is one moral we have all been taught in our lives and somehow I have a tough time believing in it. Not that I am a cynic, but I am also someone who knows and feels that things are not always that easy in life. In other words, just a positive attitude might not be all we need to solve the problems of our life. These problems need planning, action and hard work.

But yeah, I do completely agree with the quote though, it sure will annoy a hell lot of people when you are bullishly optimistic. There is a good chance that a great deal of them will treat you like a fool and some of them even go to the extent of ridiculing you. And trust me, there is a whole lot of them who are waiting with bated breath to tell you “I told you so”. Well, you sure are bound to annoy the hell of each one of them and if you ask me, it is a reasonable motivation to start having a positive attitude.

A Positive Attitude: The Reasons

Coming to the serious aspects as to why we need a positive attitude, it is kinda like the optimist vs pessimist debate. Neither of them ensures a 100% success, but being an optimist at least makes us try and get ourselves into action. And with the way things go, most times the natural order of things is entropy. In other words, left to themselves, things are headed towards an eventual downfall. Things do not get better automatically, they need conscious effort and focussed attention. They need constant progress just to maintain the quality of life we possess.

Of course we don’t talk about it like this in order to scare you. We talk about it this way because this is the truth we have been exposed to. But then if we keep looking at just the loopholes and errors, that is all we are going to find. At one stage, it becomes so overwhelming that it seems like a better choice to stop our effort and pack our bags.

So, what is it that we recommend? – Just a positive attitude or a negative one or a clever combination of the two which is mutually well balanced.

A Positive Attitude: The Solutions

Most of us would naturally eye the ‘Balance’ thing. If you ask me, I would still like to tip the scales in favour of the positive attitude. Not because it solves everything in life, but because it makes us get out of our chair and start doing something about the challenges we are facing. It makes us live life with enthusiasm and look ahead with hope. It makes us challenge the impossible and gives us an opportunity to live the success even before we achieve it. Of course it is very different from day dreaming which is just a dream without any action. The ‘Action’ aspect makes all the difference when it comes to making the positive attitude a realistic one. If not, it just is a simple waste of time.

Having said this all, we would certainly like to say that the positive attitude is the way to go and it comes through constant practice, a conscious choice as to what feeling we choose to experience. If the natural flow of thought is towards the negative aspect, then how do we challenge it and replace by a positive one. The answer is in finding people who can constantly energise to follow these thoughts and be in their company so that you can draw from their energy and encouragement rather than the ones who pull you down.

Positive attitude too like anything worthwhile in life comes with a little bit of hard work and sometimes that hard work is going to be worth it. Well, these are our thoughts about the positive attitude, please do share your ideas on the quote, we would love to discuss them to identify the truth that makes the most sense to both of us. Looking forward to hear from you.

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