Modi UN Speech: The Exciting Highlights

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PM UN Speech: The Exciting Highlights

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PM UN Speech: The Exciting Highlights

Well, that was an amazing speech. I have always maintained that there is a strong correlation between a person, his character and the words he uses. Although I do wish I had known the PM personally but there is something which I find very consistent with his speeches – None of his speeches till date have been just a speech, there is a strong force of action behind them, there is a search for solution, an attitude to realize the goals and of course a committment to execute them. A lot can be said about this or debated about this, but let us talk about the 69th UN General Assembly speech as we promised. Here you are with the most inspiring and exciting highlights.

1) No One country can determine the course of the world

We are living in a globalised world, some countries are doing better than the others economically, some in their natural resources and some in their humanitarian activities. The moment something goes wrong, the natural expectation is of a powerful country to step in and make the change. But the question is why? Is it because they are better placed to help?

Although I do agree to that, I do feel that it is a little unfair cos it is an easy way to escape responsibility and let someone else do the work. And to be honest, it is impractical to give that power and base all that expectation from one country. If you are thinking of making a change, how can it happen if each person or entity or a country cannot do their best in the process?

2) There are several G’s – G20, G7, G4, but the world needs a G-All

The concept of groupism extends right from our schooling to a work place and of course nati0ns as well. It is very simple and straightforward to be with people of the same frequency where the benefit is mutual. But that limits the view of the world altogether, what we should be looking at is an all inclusive development and that can never happen if we keep nit picking over the details, we are all for one and one for all and that can make a huge difference.

3) We will turn 70 next year. We have to ask ourselves- do we wait till we turn 80? No. The next year can be an opportunity.

The time for action is now! It is not about waiting for a perfect day, where we wake up on special days and let that inspire us for a while, then forget about it till the next event happens which makes us think. No single achievement in this world was made by a spurt of inspiration, it was consistency that made the difference. And the time for action cannot be decades down the lane, we have to make those differences now, and not just as a country but as individuals too. We don’t have to wait for Bday’s or new years for resolutions, today is as good a day as any, an action is going to take you to the results and a thought has meaning only when there is an action accompanying it. The time is NOW!

4) We are at a historic moment. Every age is defined by its character; and, each generation is remembered for how it rose together to meet its challenges. We have that responsibility to rise to our challenges now. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in this great assembly.

Every age, every nation, every individual is defined by his/her character, the way we brave the challenges, the way we look at an impending fear right in the eye and brace ourselves to look beyond that, tell ourselves how strong we are and keep reassuring that we can make that change. And that is the pure definition of character, it is not who you are at your best, it is who you are when you are pushed to the ground. And that is what is going to define you/me as a person and the country as a nation, a nation of character!

5) India is a country that constitutes one-sixth of humanity; a nation experiencing economic and social transformation on a scale rarely seen in history.

I love the use of words here – India is not a country which has one sixth of the population, it is a country with one sixth of HUMANITY! The very word runs a jolt in my veins as it makes me think. It is very easy to forget the small basics of life and the most important aspect of all – The people who define it, those beautiful fragments of humanity which unite us all. And that is not just a speech, that is the way we got to look at things. Humans for humans, not people or resources for people!

6) It is easy to be cynical and say nothing will change; but if we do that, we run the risk of shirking our responsibilities and we put our collective future in danger.

Of course it is hard to achieve a perfect world where nothing bad will ever happen, it is very hard to achieve total peace and comfort and camaraderie, it is hard to achieve all of this. But something is very easy – Saying that it will never work! Left to themselves, nothing in this world is ever going to work, you got to make it work, I got to make it work, we all got to make it work and that in itself is the true definition of change 🙂

Those are our top picks from the UN speech, would love your thoughts below 🙂


5 thoughts on “Modi UN Speech: The Exciting Highlights

    1. Me too Vikram . Finally we are being led by someone who understand and has a vision to do something rather than just talking about it. He has proved actions truly matter :).. .

      I agree. Even I feel that the way he took responsibility and talked about sharing it instead of pointing fingers was awesome. And more importantly I think none of his PM talks have been about the party, it has always been about India which makes me feel that this man clearly knows what he is up to 🙂

  1. Thank you Anirudh :),, These are some very kind words. I couldnt have said it better, the speeches are more than mere words, the conviction, the determination are all such powerful aspects and most importantly like you said he lives by those words which makes him all the more a visionary . This might be the real break we needed to become a powerful nation and with such powerful motives and actions, we sure are getting there :)..

    Thanks so much mate 🙂

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