PM Message To Students On Teachers Day – 5 Inspiring Messages

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PM Student interaction on teachers day eve

I was watching the PM interaction with students on the student day eve and was pleased to find a few very sensible and inspiring excerpts from the interaction. I like the initiative and what it is doing and the opportunity for the students to speak and gain advice from one of the most inspiring leaders at the top. While listening to this, I cannot help but realise how much we miss our Youth Icon and the man for all the students – APJ Abdul Kalam. Remembering his 14 realistic quotes for an inspiring life.

Here are a few inspiring excerpts from the interaction with PM on the teachers day account

  1. Parents want to live their dreams through their children. It is natural that they want the best for you and make your life matter. But you need to show them what your passion is and what you are willing to make your life mission.

  2. It is not like we don’t have good teachers, we still have great ones. Through these students we can see that there are some great teachers who have produced such great students. But what we need is inspiration and that inspiration can come from anywhere. If all those people or even a % of them decide to spend just about 10 hours a month at a school teaching, that can spiral into a development farther than we can imagine.

  3. You don’t have to do something extraordinary to serve the nation. Service can be in small things we do like switching off the lights and fan when we don’t use them, like not wasting food or taking in only how much we need. You need not do one big thing to call it a service, it can be in those small little things that count and go a long way.

  4. There is no recipe for success and there should not be any recipe. There is only one thing you need to do – to be determined not to fail. In such a case, success will come to your feet. You should not let failure to become the crematorium of success. Failure should be the foundation of success. The one who learns from failure is the one headed for success. We need to learn to look at failure the right way – and that determines how we are going to lead our lives. I think this is what Kalam meant by saying – “Don’t read success stories, they just send you the message. Read failure stories, you will get ideas for success”. Don’t set a parameter for success, don’t set rules for success. Success is a very personal thing and the way you look at what you do and where you stand makes all the difference.

  5. Parents should not force their dreams on their children. If parents do that it means that they don’t know their children very well. It means that they are so busy in their life that they don’t have time to understand what they want. Instead they have to talk to their children and understand their needs and desires and let them follow their own path.

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15 thoughts on “PM Message To Students On Teachers Day – 5 Inspiring Messages

    1. True Richa. I agree, I guess probably that will be done in the new era where people have started achieving success in different and unorthodox fields. Maybe parents will start believing in the unorthodox ways. And if they don’t well, the onus is on us to make them believe 😉

  1. All these points are so relevant in the current scenario. Hope they could be executed well rather than being just said to impress the masses for fetching votes for the upcoming elections. Sad but true. And we need a serious social reform. 🙂

    1. I agree Maitreni, the real truth is in execution and making it a reality. I think some schools are trying to do it, some parents are trying to do it. But maybe since it is a shift in the cultural line of thought itself, maybe it might take some time. Hopefully the reform will happen soon :).. Education can sure be the marvel panacea for all the social diseases, atleast the ones we know of right now 😉

  2. PM ji came up with yet another motivational talk with whole lot of messages especially to the young minds. I particularly like the last one. Parents should never force their dreams on their children. It should stop!

    1. Same here Gowtham. The last one was a very practical one and a very likeable one too. I believe that was my favourite too amongst all these. Coming from a PM, I hope these words make as much of a difference as we hope 🙂

  3. Indeed, these are very relevant points. In our country, parents forcing kids to opt for subjects which they find suitable for their children is pretty much in vogue. I remember one of my friends once saying,”think what would have happened if Sachin’s father forced him to be a singer or Lataji’s mom wanted her daughter to be a doctor”. 😀

  4. Points well said by our PM. Our favorite quote “Don’t read success stories, they just send you the message. Read failure stories, you will get ideas for success” by Abdul Kalam is a much needed quotes for all.
    Thanks for sharing such an amazing post.

    Sriram & Krithiga

    1. Thanks Sriram, I love that quote, Kalam truly had his way around words and he is a perfect icon and an amazing personality to derive inspiration from..

      Glad you liked the post mate 🙂

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