Please Make Mistakes

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I love perfectionists! Perhaps the reason being that at some point of time I was trying so desperately to be one. “A life without mistakes” seemed to be the mantra, the one word which I wanted to define myself for. And truth be told – I felt I really succeeded, the marks were good, parents were absolutely happy about it, the society thought we were geniuses. Well probably we were to some extent or that’s something I’d like to think as.

But sorta got us thinking, is it that we are always right at whatever we do? Is it that we are so damn perfect that nothing ever goes wrong? Is it that we are the sons and daughters of angels and we are blessed with a magical power so that life goes without mistakes. Maybe it was the time a realization came to mind. It said – “Maybe you are challenging only the areas you are comfortable in”. Well, isn’t that true? That explains why I am so perfect in so many ways – I only chose areas of focus as the ones I was sure I could succeed at. Nothing wrong in it at all, all seemed like a perfect fairy tale.

But at some point our thoughts start percolating don’t they? I guess somewhat similar came to mind. Maybe it was not that I wasn’t a perfect guy (Believe me it was a hard thing to convince to my ego 😉 ) , maybe it was that I wasn’t challenging myself enough! Mistakes are a beautiful part of life with so much to learn, relate and enrich ourselves from. Agreed – It does make us frown, it does make us feel bad, but isn’t that growing up a bit? Of course growing up sucks, but it isn’t that bad either is it?


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