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People Quotes

We have always maintained that people are the biggest resource we will ever get to have, the richest treasure – something we can touch and feel and live up to. We start the day with a quote from Maya Angelou

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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 On an average week, we meet at least hundreds of people if not thousands. How many of them do you remember?

The ones in your closer circle do not count, nor do the ones you know a little about and have shown interest about. You would be meeting at least 50 strangers a week. How many of them do you remember?

Just think about it, I am not asking for the names, just a face or a trait or a gesture – anything at all. How many of them do you remember?

What do you remember about them?

Why do you remember them? What do you think is so special about them that they are a part of your memory?

I am sure you don’t let every tom dick and harry be a part of your memory, they have to be special,

Maybe they did something stupid, maybe they irritated you or maybe their actions made you smile or laugh or anything. Something about them triggered an emotion in you, it might be as simple as ignorance too, but it did trigger an emotion.

In other words, one of the prime reasons we remember someone in our life is How they made us feel.

We all live in our own worlds don’t we? And what happens in the outside world doesn’t have much bearing on us unless it is a part of our own world. And naturally our world is important to us cos we want to make it the best one for us.

And I think it is a very noble goal to have, a simple and elegant one. It is not selfishness, it is just about being aware.

But our world is certainly important to us. And we do a lot for the people who belong to our world and we make sure that there is a certain metric for people to enter our world and when they do, we make sure that they matter to us.

Same holds good for everyone else too! We all are doing so many things in our lives and so many of them are for others as well, maybe to make someone feel special or maybe to make them smile or maybe to even irritate them. But we do see to it that there is a bearing on that person’s life.

As Mary Angelou says, what we speak on our own personal lives, what we do sometimes does not mean much to people around us, but what matters the most is how we make them feel, how we touch them and how we create an impact on them.

So whenever we are out to impress someone or maybe generate a good feeling about us from someone, it makes sense to remember this – they too are battling their own troubles and challenges in life. If you are a stranger or an acquaintance, the best way for you to create an impression is not in talking or showing how talented you are, but in making a difference to their lives, maybe in your own small way.

I guess all along we have been taught that talent is one the most important factors in the world, but there are a few factors that go beyond talent, it is the sensitivity, people skills, being there for someone and above all being a person whom you can really respect.

And for us all, the world is a reflection of our world, our people and how people make us feel, the same is true for the others as well.

This was our quote of the day, and the theme being people quotes today, we bring you Mary Angelou. Stay tuned for more. We will be back again tomorrow 🙂

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