Pay Attention! Lessons Will Appear When You Are Ready – Paulo Coelho

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All you have to do!

Well this is as simple as it gets – all you have to do is be a little attentive, pay attention to what is happening in your life, see very clearly as to what is going on and there you are – you have found some answers!

Sounds pretty simple right?

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Pay attention lessons will appear when you are ready

If things were so simple, then why don’t most people see it that easily? What holds them back?

And if life was so simple, why do people complicate it? It is not that we like complicating things and making it difficult for ourselves! What is this secret Paulo Coelho is talking about?

If I had read this a few years ago, maybe I would have made fun of it and said none of it is ever going to make sense. But it is funny what time does to your thoughts and things slowly start making sense and I guess that is where I am at now.

“When you are ready, lessons appear”

And it kinda seems to be the mantra for me of late, especially after realising that I overthink things a lot. Of course we did discuss The 10 Effective Strategies to stop Overthinking – But life is never that simple is it? We always get sucked into the demands of everyday life and we want answers for the questions we have and not always do we have enough time to think and reflect as to what it is going to mean. And even if we are willing to wait, the environment around us might not be very inclined to do so.

So.. How to learn this patience?

paulo coelho quotes, lessons in life quote, lessons appear when ready, being ready in life quotes, everyday quotes
Lessons in life

It kinda reminds me of the joke which talks about a man who says

“Dear Lord, please give me patience and give it to me now!”

Although I have laughed about it several times, I realise how true and real it gets each time. And how hard it is to be patient, especially when things are not working the way we want. Of course we know we would have to wait it out. Like this Brexit thing, we know that we have to wait it out to understand what it means and what the outcomes will be. But it is an event that affects so many lives that it is incredibly hard to be patient about it and not speculate.

Of course the lessons will appear, what do we do till then?

What do we do till then?

Perhaps this would be a more important question to answer. In the broad scale of things, everything will be alright in the end. Things seem to work out in the big picture. But we also have to muddle through the small picture in order to get to the big picture. It is easy to look at the average and say things are not that bad after all.

It is important to realise that life keeps moving on and so do we have to. We have to keep moving on as well to realise that whatever we do will have some implications. So, when things go wrong – waiting out is one way, the lessons will appear no doubt. But it would be incredibly naive to let things go and think that they will sort themselves out. We have to do what we have to do, we have to keep going and put in our best effort. And only then do these lessons make sense.

Or else, what is the difference between being a conscious person and a fatalist?


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