Parking in Handicap Spot? Here is What Brazillians Did

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A few days ago, I parked my vehicle in a handicap spot. I didn’t do it intentionally. My great combination of eyes and mind wasn’t working and finding a place was more than enough to bother about looking around. As I finished my work and headed towards the parking lot, I found myself frantically searching for my vehicle. All of a sudden, my great combination of eyes and mind worked and showed me the handicap sign board. I did pay the fine amount and got back my vehicle. And now, whenever I park my vehicle I always make sure I don’t park it at the handicap’s spot.

I wonder what these Brazilians would have done to my vehicle if I had parked at the same handicap parking spot shown in this video.

We have seen four-wheeler parked at two-wheeler parking spot or vice-versa and also seen people parking their vehicles at the non-parking and handicap parking spot. Why just talk about roads and the parking spaces. How about the accommodation in the buses and trains. Don’t we tend to occupy those places knowingly or unknowingly? What would the handicaps do if we parked our vehicles in theirs or what would they do if we occupied their seats? A few would come to you asking for their rights and a few wouldn’t even approach with a fear of getting into a verbal spat.

I don’t completely appreciate the idea of this video, but I support the thoughts behind it. A thought to teach the man to never ever park his vehicle in a handicap’s spot again. A thought to remind him not to take away someone’s rights.

4 thoughts on “Parking in Handicap Spot? Here is What Brazillians Did

  1. It’s good to correct people when they are wrong but this is not the right way. This won’t make you realize that you were wrong. It would either make you angry or afraid.

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