Parineeti Chopra: The Whole Public Drama Around Weight Loss!

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The Fit Parineeti Chopra

parineeti chopra on getting slim, parineeti chopra fat, parineeti chopra fit, parineeti chopra mediaIt has not been long since the new ‘Fit’ pictures of Parineeti Chopra have been running rounds on the internet. As soon as these pictures were out, we saw two strong lines of comments on these pictures. Some of them adulated her and went to the extent of saying that this was the biggest achievement on earth. Some others took the opposite stance and said that she still has a lot of weight to lose and the critics as usual went on to the extent of using some harsh words to make themselves heard.

It sometimes makes me wonder if all of this is a huge marketing gimmick just to stay in news. There will the proponents who say some good things so that they can ride on the wave of a successful story. And there will be the other type of media hounds who will make the most of the negative publicity and finally the actor comes back to respond about this and it makes me wonder – what is the BIG DEAL anyway?

Someone wanted to shed some weight, they worked out and posted some pictures out of that – GREAT! And then some people liked it – well I don’t find anything wrong with that either. But then some people went on to the extent of being judgemental about it without any respect for the boundaries. I seriously believe that a big deal is being made out of a simple affair. What she wanted to do was her business and she did it. If we can appreciate it and take some motivation from Parineeti Chopra – then really cool, we should perhaps do that. If you are not impressed, then at least have the dignity to respect what they have done and move on to the more important things in life.

Stop debating whether it is the biggest achievement on earth and start focusing on what it is to you.

What Parineeti Chopra told the critics

Speaking of the media wave, I am not wondering why I am writing this post. Maybe it was the response from Parineeti Chopra about this whole incident which I found a bit sensible. Quoting her from the Indiatimes post: 

“That (criticism) is absolutely bizarre. Being fit is not bad. Everybody needs to be fit. Thin is a different conversation. You need to be your fittest self. I was unfit. I wanted better stamina and better control of my energy which I have today. I am not endorsing the idea of being thin. I am endorsing the idea of being fit.”

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I honestly think that it is about time that we start moving out of this “herd mentality” about being fit or being slim. All of this, the so called achievement and the so called getting slim is being blown way out of proportion. It is a personal standard and people do things because they feel motivated to. It doesn’t give you or me the right to talk smack about it. I respect what Parineeti Chopra has done and I refuse to accept it as a huge achievement as it is being portrayed in the media. Sometimes I think that it is time that we let the celebrities be and do what they want to.

And honestly stop imposing our ideas on them. If we follow them, then do so with respect, if not – then forget it and move on. Stop imposing what your definition of ‘Thin’ is and before commenting please stand on the weighing machine once and appreciate what you have done to stay that fit. And if you are exceedingly fit and a size zero, feel good for yourself, but not at the cost of comparing yourself with what others have done and how others have not done what you have.

The two lives are completely different – the celebs don’t owe us anything. We like them, we watch their movies and that is it. Somehow, there seems to be a necessity to learn our boundaries and understand the difference between a request and an audacious comment without any sensitivity or forethought. That is just a shame!

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2 thoughts on “Parineeti Chopra: The Whole Public Drama Around Weight Loss!

  1. Parineeti is a figure not known by the flabs she sheds, she has already made her mark in film fraternity with her enticing performances. Big deal if she knowns how to make those flabs her assets and rock on! 🙂

    1. True Maitreni, I really like her on screen, right from the movie Ishqzaade. But I guess there were a lot of critics who had started an uproar about her physique. I guess it was her personal choice to get slimmer and glad that she did. But I seriously don’t understand why such a huge deal is being made out of it. Maybe it is all showbiz!!

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