Only success in life

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 It is always a subjective idea and I am a little drawn into thought when someone asks me to define a few words. For instance, what would you define when I say success? Is it money, cars, buildings, real estate, gratitude, friends, social status….. .and more?

This one definition sort of makes me think sometimes it is easier to define things in a simplistic manner. We all have definitions as to how things should be, how they would be and how they could be. What stops us from getting there?

  • Cultural tuning– Most of us know what we want to do with our lives, but sometimes we are drawn into the though of what the society things we should. Society has a weird way of defining things and so does the culture framed around it. But looking at the larger picture, who defined the society and culture? Was it not the self in the first place?
  • Fear – This perhaps is the one show stopper for anyone trying to go beyond and do something new, something to reach out and aim high. The one way we could get over it – well I’d say face it. Sometimes it is an illusion, sometimes a truth and sometimes an emotion asking for action, recognize and respond. The fear doesn’t want you to act and the more you don’t act about it, the bigger it gets, kind of a vicious cycle aint it?
  • Definitions – Indeed! The definitions of our neighbours, peers and sometimes our own as to what real success is.
  • Conviction – How much you believe in the idea and the thoughts. There always will be a set of doubts which would make sure to hold us back from what we want out of our lives.
  • Challenges – There is nothing called free lunch! Every dream comes with a whole bunch of challenges, roadblocks, but the only thing that matters is what is bigger, the challenge or the dream? Most times it becomes a little important to realize that the challenge is leading you to the dream!
  • Perfection – This would perhaps be the worst standard to have in life! To start with, I would say the whole definition of perfection is flawed, cos it is something which is never going to get you there. There is no way you can satisfy all clauses at the same time. Reality check – Things are bound to screw up. But that is the beauty of things. Perfection does sound great but somehow finds a way to affect the mental make up. I am not saying one should lower their standards, they should be high but at the same time perfection should never bring someone down!

All said and done, success is a very subjective idea, it probably pays to make a good list of what it means to us and in what priorities. Bottom line, it should never stand in the way of our happiness.

7 thoughts on “Only success in life

  1. Excellent post! And you always recommend amazing books to go with your post. Have heard of the books you have mentioned here, and hopefully will read one of them soon. Keep it up 🙂

    1. Thank you Sudha. You have been extremely supportive of the articles :). I love this genre of books, somehow makes me feel that there is so much to stop for a while, relax and follow of the train of thought which is trying to tell us something, make us realize some things which seem short. Quite unfortunate that these books are given the adequate amount of importance they deserve.

      Do let me know your thoughts on the books Sudha, it would be brilliant to converse about them..


    1. Thank you Athena. Always a delight to hear from you. Makes me feel that the articles that go in are really worthwhile :).

      True, the society makes sure it wants to drag us along with it and at the same time wants us to stand tall and respond with absolute certainty. All said and done one truth I realize is that the society is absolutely crazy at times! Best not to listen to it 😀


    1. Hi Mousami,

      Oh yea! Both of those are fantastic books to read. Definitely elevates the standard of thought!

      Thanks for the endorsement Mousami, now that makes two of us in support of both the books 🙂


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