Oh yes! I was Embarrassed!

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Few days ago I was working-out in gym with the Rocky Balboa song playing. With all the energy I kept on cycling, something went wrong with the peddle; soon I was on a floor. Yes I fell down 😀 I was embarrassed. I woke up making sure not to make an eye contact with others only to notice everyone’s eyes were on me, I pretended to have hurt my leg as I didn’t want them to laugh at me. I sometimes become an award winning actress you see 🙂 A little hurt and a lot embarrassed I returned home that day.

Yesterday I was in the gym working-out and not with the rocky song. I saw a lady who fell off the treadmill, I guess she was hurt, probably more than I was on the other day. Somehow the whole scene of her falling down was funny to the sight. I giggled and looked at the lady (I was a little worried if she was hurt) I was surprised to see the lady to be laughing loud, smiling at everyone who looked at her. It was as if I heard her saying “ha ha you pretended, what was the need?” I just hallucinated I believe 🙂

This incident took me back on my reaction when I fell down, I need not have pretended but I did, I shouldn’t have thought how people react but I did think and acted stupid. I am sure everyone has faced one or the other embarrassing situations in life; we feel uncomfortable, tend to behave as if nothing happened or we feel way too bad to face the situation and walk-away or avoid ourselves from eye-contact with others. But the does it makes us feel better? Yes it may! Temporary relief.

I guess the simplest and the most comforting thing to do when you are embarrassed is to smile and accept it happened and you are cool with it. You can still try and pretend, but then you’d be like me, or you can take the much nobler path which actually seems a lot more fun



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