Obama Forgot To Salute A Marine! But…

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Obama Forgot To Salute A Marine! But…

Barack Obama is one of the most charismatic leaders we have seen. He is intelligent, decisive, cool, smart, and most importantly a man who knows how to treat his fellow people. He is often praised as a man who knows the art of ‘perfect handshake.’

Obama, generally never fails to greet people around him. Here is one such situation where Obama forgot to salute the Marine while boarding a helicopter. What he did next will tell you why he is a man with one of the finest attitude and personality.

Could you imagine a president of a country, coming back to greet a marine after realising his mistake? Doesn’t that speak a lot about this man? I came across this video on Youtube, as I scrolled down towards the like and share buttons I saw hundreds of hate messages about Obama. A few said, “How dare he didn’t notice the marine” and other few said, “Obama disrespected the marine by a late salute.” Seriously?! Are people really making this a subject of hate? Obama forgot to salute. Yes! But he realised it, came back, personally talked to the marine and gave his perfect-handshake as ever. Isn’t that a sign of one of the finest attitudes? “Realising one’s mistake and rectifying it at the earliest.”

If one of the busiest men in the world can make time and energy to greet people well, we all can. Think about all the good things a single handshake can bring to you and others. Start shaking hands with people.

We did talk about the 5 joys in talking to a stranger on one of our recent posts. And the handshake is a great way ot initiate one apart from the smile.

Here are the 5 reasons why handshake is the best thing you can do when you meet someone.

1. It adds an extra point to your first impression

2. It establishes a connection.

3. A good handshake reflects your confidence, and confidence is one of the most attractive things in a person.

4. It makes the other person feel important.

5. It starts the conversation on a high positive note.

Handshake- It’s just a little thing, but it makes a huge difference. 

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8 thoughts on “Obama Forgot To Salute A Marine! But…

    1. Dear Maniparna, have you seen Modi chewing gum during any official ceremonies? I think, we needn’t put someone down in order to show someone’s greatness. No one can be perfect but, everyone has something worthy to be inspired.

      1. Hi Sindhoo, I’m not demeaning anyone, just trying to say that we Indians need to understand that such small gestures matter a lot. And I’m not either praising blindly the US President. My country always comes first, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t speak good about others. 🙂 As far as I know, Obama was chewing ‘nicotine gum.’

        1. Interesting.. :).. I had never made these observations. I guess a part of it is cultural as well.

          But it definitely would be amazing to incorporate the best of both. I mean doing our own work as Gandhi said and probably not chewing gum also cos it most usually is considered pretty rude. But again that might be very cultural as well. I’m not exactly sure on that..

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