#NoVIP:The VIP Red Beacon Madness

The Red Beacon Madness

Well it was about time that we started talking about the elephant in the room. The VIP’s or in other words the white elephants of the country. Just today I was looking at a friend’s update on FB and he had a photo of the British Deputy PM stating that he was in the same rail as him. And I was wondering – when was the last time I had seen a VIP using public transport or maybe even the public service.

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A few days ago, I got a call from one of the so-called VIP’s – ‘DEMANDING’ our services. I said – ‘Since we are booked, it would be very difficult to accommodate him and extended my sincerest apologies.

The VIP was offended, he said

“You cannot treat me like this – I am VIP, you need to treat me with respect!”

I was flabbergasted to say the least. I kept wondering what happened and the only thing I could understand was that these guys cannot hear no for an answer.

It is not their fault – poor fellows they have been forced to behave like that that – all thanks to the simpletons and the sycophants who live up to the whims and fancies of these VIPs. Then again I wonder – whose fault is it really?

Is it them?

Is it us?

Is it a combination of both?

– Well maybe there lies the answer – a combination of both.

Each time the CM comes to my district, the roads are blocked, I see an obscene number of traffic police on the roads not tending to the traffic but stopping it completely. I have seen the row of cars pass by with a red beacon on them saying VIP – In other words it is a clear statement that their time is more important than ours.

It maybe so – Maybe they are very busy tending to a lot of work, but who will give me back those 30 mins I stood in the traffic just waiting for a car to pass by. What about the hundreds of others who were waiting for the same?

What about the person who was late for his job and got fired?

What about the lady who had to be at the hospital on time?

What about a businessman who lost his business cos of the unannounced time delay?

I wonder if it is the audacity or carelessness of the whole affair. How difficult would it be to cordon off the roads and let some other roads for us to pass? Why not block them for about a half hour and make a notice in advance instructing us to choose some other modes. It really isn’t fair that anyone has to wait for a VIP to pass just cos he has a red light on the top of his car.

There are so many other instances I can quote but that becomes complaining. That is not we are here to do.

Well, I do agree that I am ranting about it but we are truly tired of the VIP status.

Even today the MLA’s have a red beacon on their car, about 4 more security vehicles just for about 2 people traveling. Not only the MLA’s, the bureaucrats also get the same treatment. I think it was the promise of Kejriwal govt which said – No red lights and what a noble move it was. But unfortunately it still seems to persist today. Even the constitution feels that it is unfair to create segregation in the society and clearly states the abolition of titles to avoid unfair treatment. But hey, sometimes it feels that the Constitution is treated as just a book – like a phone directory we rarely look at!

The VIP’s don’t have to wait for the ticket, they don’t have to care for the red lights, they get free goodies and so much more. It is about time that we stop the ill-treatment of the general public. Clearing an exam or winning by a vote doesn’t make someone great – their actions do.

If they really want that respect, let them earn it, we will be more than happy to shower them with appreciation. But a VIP status is not something that should be gotten by a job or an election. We are more mature than that. I would want to respect someone for what they mean to and not by the fear of something else.

Let us join hands to the NDTV campaign of #NOVIP. Tweet your views with #novip to be heard.

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  1. whether we like it or not we are a feudal society and king is a god’s representative on earth. AAP wants to present an alternative polity but lacks imaginative leadership

    • It is very unfortunate that it is still this way IB Arora.. As for AAP, I have so many things to say against them that it becomes very hard to avoid making a slander here :D.. They came as a wave and looks like they are going away even faster. It seemed too idealistic and too short term as a view.. Will they pay for it this elections too? Time will tell the interesting tale..

    • Thank you maniparna. I hope the VIP menace goes off soon. I see that NDTV is making a regular effort for that campaign to pick up pace. I really hope it does and the VIP culture perishes..