Novak Djokovic: Luck Falls On Not Just The Brave But Also The Ones Who Believe They Belong There

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“Belief is the most common word to me, even more than hope. For one to achieve his dreams, he needs to truly believe in them.”

-Novak Djokovic



    • Currently ranked world No. 1
    • He has eight Grand Slam singles titles.
    • He is the first player from Serbia to win a Major singles title.
    • He is a UNICEF National Ambassador for Serbia.
    • He is a recipient of the Order of St. Sava, highest decoration of the Serbian Orthodox Church.
    • He was awarded Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of the Year, which acknowledges outstanding humanitarian contribution in 2012.

  • Djokovic childhood days were filled with wars and bombing. The family survived 1999 NATO bombing campaign. This incident did shake up his family and he says even though the time was tough for him, there a something which kept him happy and going,

“I always try to remember those days [during the war] in a positive, in a very bright way…We didn’t need to go to school and we played more tennis.”

  • Novak Djokovic has been the UNICEF National Ambassador for Serbia and has been doing philanthropic work.

“I hope my donation and support will help make a difference in the lives of young children throughout Serbia, especially those who have fewer opportunities to reach their full potential.”

“I want to help children in Serbia and around the world so they can realize their dreams.”



  • I’m a happy man, because I am successful in what I do, of course; but what makes me most happy is I have people around me that I love and who love me back. This, for me, is the most important thing. Nobody likes to be alone.
  • Mostly the problems when I was down were caused by myself. There were times when I was not responsible enough or decisive enough.
  • I think luck falls on not just the brave but also the ones who believe they belong there.
  • In my case, I can sincerely say that nothing is impossible… When I was saying I want to be No. 1 of the world, and I was seven or eight years old, most of the people were laughing at me because it seems like I have one percent of chances to do that, and I’ve done it.

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