Never Ignore A Gut Feeling, But Never Believe That It’s Enough – Robert Heller

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Gut Feeling!

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“Never ignore a gut feeling, but never believe that it’s enough.” – Robert Heller



“Never ignore a gut feeling, but never believe that it’s enough.”

– Robert Heller

What Is A Gut Feeling?

We all have it don’t we – the feeling that something about this is right, a feeling that you can’t quite explain in words but you know that this is right. It might be about a girl you really like or a job you know that you are really capable of or a job that you know you should quit or a venture you should start or just about being simple and plain assertive about something in life. That is a gut feeling, that strong feeling in the stomach which keeps telling us that this is right or the feeling that keeps telling us that it is completely wrong. That is the gut feeling!


How To Make Sense Out Of The Gut Feeling?

Now this is a pretty important stage, a gut feeling is a very strong feeling within which influences our decisions very strongly. We had talked about The 7 Important Steps To Decision Making but we had emphasized enough on the importance of your gut feeling about something and what you should do about it. Cos most times when we talk about decision making, it feels that the brain dominates and we had naturally focussed on what the brain goes through.

But something we all realize with time is that the practical life is slightly different from the theoretical one the brain suggests us and that is really an absolute beauty. If it was left just to the brain we would all perhaps be living in a completely mechanical world and we would have been the famous parody –

Human Doings Over the Human beings.

We are emotional beings and the gut plays a very important role in shaping our emotions.

So, as Robert Heller says, don’t dare to ignore your gut feeling, and most times we both know that the gut feeling has been pretty right through the process whether it asked you to do something or not. I know that this doesn’t sound completely scientific, but hey we are not going for science here, we are going for your emotions and your aspirations and how you go about that. So let’s put science on a little bit of the back burner shall we? I don’t say ignore but I do say that you should keep it in the backburner for a bit.


What Next?

Well, now that you have the gut feeling and taken a decision, it doesn’t mean that things are going to work magically for you and come around the way you want it. That is the beauty of taking a decision. There is never going to be a 100% decision to make – whether you are voting for someone or picking a chair, there will always be some confusion and the gut is a strong feeling which helps you decide between the two.

And this is where we explain why we put science in the background for a bit. For science helps you come to a solid set of choices for your decisions as exemplated in our 7 steps on decision making post. It helps you comes to a reasonable choice and from there to take the one you strongly feel for is the one we strongly recommend. Not because of logic but because you have that additional motivation to make that happen.

It is like Ratan Tata said –

“I don’t believe in taking right decisions but I believe in taking decisions and making them right”

So, the gut feeling alone or science alone are never going to ensure you or me complete success, life is a little beyond these thoughts. And that is where your action comes into picture and that is exactly what Robert Heller is trying to tell us, that there is life beyond a theoretical aspect and that is the life we all live in.

And this is our quote of the day, stay tuned in for more.

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