Nescafe Ad: Oh Yes! It’s Buffering…….

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Nescafe Ad:Oh Yes! It’s Buffering…….

This the best Nescafe advertisement I have seen and could be he same for you. The 2 minute video portrays story of struggling comedian who finds his way out even with his stammering. This video will bring a smile on your face and might open up to think in new directions.


“It’s buffering” The most positive way to fight the hindrance which was once his weakness.

We all have that weakness in us which holds us back, makes us feel helpless, forces us to an extent to surrender desires. Oh Yes! It’s easy to surrender and feel sad but trying to uphold the weakness that suppress is a great triumph . It’s tough, it’s challenging but don’t worry! Get started with coffee, it keeps you awake and going.

how to deal with problems in life, I have so many problems in life, maysoon zayid on failure, there will always be problems, we cant let failure control us
Maysoon Zayid- I have 99 problems, paralysis is just one!

“Get started with coffee” This is just an idiom. the meaning for the coffee which keeps us awake and going is to be found. If we have enough answers for whys in life then its no difficult to find answers for how.

Maysoon Zayid is an American stand up comedian who suffers from Palsy. She proved to the world how hilarious she can be as a comedian. She says I have got 99 problems and Palsy is just one”  She shakes a lot when she speaks but she didn’t let that stop her. She turned all her obstacles into wonderful hilarious pieces of laughter. She is a hero.

We all have problems and weakness, we all have to deal with it. The way we deal with it makes the difference. 

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  1. The video is inspirational, the ad is, we all have our weaknesses two options cry and give up or beat it, improve on it. Made my day Vidya. 🙂

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