Neil Harbisson – I can’t see colors but I hear them!

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About Neil:

Neil Harbisson – an artist and a musician. He was born with the inability to see colors or color blindness if you can call it so. Most people would give up anything to do with colors as an option in life but Neil decides to find a way out, he doesn’t let his inability to see colors come in the way of perceiving them. Most often we talk about challenges in life and imagine how simple life would have been without these and how easy we could have made a mark, well here is a man who had bigger challenges and made it happen! And if you asked how? – Here is a video of Neil on TED TALKS.

Some things which made us stop a bit and say WOW –

1) He didn’t end up feeling sorry for himself.

2) He found a way out, the challenge was right there, right in front of him, he decided not to let that stop him, he found a way out

3) Vision is beyond what you see or hear, it is in your thought, it is in the way you look at life

4) You need not be worried since you are a little different, you should be worried if you are not.

5) Beauty is not the appearance, it is the emotions, it is the vibes they create, it is the true innate self.

And he is planning to design for a fashion show in Milan, so the only limitations in the world are the ones you impose on yourself 🙂



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