Napoleon Hill: Earning Or Learning?

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Napoleon Hill: What Is More Important?!

If you are not learning while you’re (1)

Why do you work? 

Is it because it makes you happy? Sources your livelihood? Is it because everyone else you know is working and even you are forced to?

Is is that you get bored and hence go to work? What is your true honest answer? Why do you actually go to work?

What do you expect from the job?

You give in so much to your job, what do you expect out of it? What do you want from your job?

Money? Acceptance? Social respect? Recognition?

What is your primary reason for working?

If it was not money, what else would you do? 

Money is certainly a big factor when it comes to our working lives and rightly so – cos it facilitates our lives, it makes things simpler and we can afford better privileges to lead our lives. But at the same time, what would you rather do if you were not constrained by money? How would you feel doing it? What is the first expression that comes to your mind when you imagine yourself doing it?

What about personal growth? 

We all are heading somewhere! There is nothing called still water in life, we are either surging ahead or falling backwards. It takes a lot of effort to maintain the status quo in life. Let us ask you the one question which the quote by Napoleon Hill asks.

What are you learning from your job? How are you improving personally from it? We are not going to talk about money and the privileges here.

But what is it that you have as a take away from the job?

Does it help to improve your people skills? How about organization skills to your life? Maybe you are helping people? What is it that you take away from the job on the personal front, how is this job helping you improve, making you understand who you really are and what your aspirations are?

I read somewhere that it is not about what you get in life but it is about who you eventually become. Is your job helping you get there?

We spend more than 8 hrs a day on our job. Assuming that we get a good 8 Hrs sleep, 50% of our life is on the job. That means a major chunk of your life is in your office space. So, no wonder it becomes the most important part of your life at a certain stage and there are instances where a job has held greater priority than your hobby, socialization and also the personal life.

For something which occupies a major chunk of your life, are you happy doing it? If not, is there a way you can?

And if yes, can the answer be in growth and identifying that growth?

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6 thoughts on “Napoleon Hill: Earning Or Learning?

  1. Nice quote Vidyashree, very much agreed to your point 🙂 It is actually true as well, but then learning is something which you can get from anywhere and cannot get from everywhere as well…

  2. Well, Vidya, as I see, money is only a byproduct; those who strive for it as main product fails to earn it. The basic question is why we do what we do. The irony is we approach from wrong side and get caught in problems. We just start to do something then try to justify why we are doing it instead of realizing the real passion within us. We should start our journey from ‘why’ through ‘how’ and the result we’ll get in the end will be our ‘what.’

    Thanks for sharing Napoleon Hill. He is one of the greatest inspirational personality in history.

    1. “Why we do what we do.” This reminded me so much of Anthony Robbins. That’s so beautifully said Ravish, thank you. We should start the journey from ‘why’ to’how’ but most of us do it the other way.

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