#MyAirtel App: Features That Will Ease Your Life A Bit

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If you are an airtel user, you know what I am talking about. In the recent past, I have had a few challenges with the usage of my airtel prepaid and also the internet service on my landline. I think the biggest challenge I faced was with the payment gateway on the site. Although paytm and freecharge were good choices for a quick recharge, I somehow found myself more comfortable using the home site.

But I did have a few issues with the manoueverability in the site. I had a tough time browsing plans. Although the messaging service is pretty good, it never is the same as seeing a wide range of choices and then selecting a plan best suited for your needs and customize accordingly.

Well! Thanks to the smart phones and the smart applications. I very recently downloaded the My Airtel App. It pretty much simplifies my usage and has made life a lot simpler for the following three big reasons

1) The ease of usage. I no longer have to fumble for my own specialized offers, nor do I have to worry about selecting the zone or state I belong to and then find out which offer works best for me. Thanks to the autofill and the memory, I am able to see more relevant plans which saves a lot of time as opposed to my earlier perusal of the entire site for some particular information

2) Special Offers – Each time when I needed to make a change to my plan, I had to call up the customer care and there were a few offers available only at a retail recharge. Well thanks to the app, I don’t have to go out to get a simple change done on my usage and I can do it as simple and as fast as the click of a button.

3) Data usage – As a prepaid user, I was fed up of going through data each time to see how much was consumed and how much of it was left. Each time I had to send a message and it would come with a set of options for which I had to reply to get a final answer. This meant that by the time I had my final answer, I would have easily lost interest in the process. Thanks to the app, that wait is finally over and I have a simplified version and a personalized version of my account and my usage

4) Keeping track : With the help of the app, I am able to be more in control of my usage on the phone. This particularly helps a postpaid user where it is usually hard to identify why our bills are turning out to be so expensice. Usually on a prepaid phone, we have a constant monitor stating the cost of a call or message, But when it comes to postpaid, it is usually pretty hard to keep track on how we are doing. This certainly helps with that.

5) Reachability: It is easier to reach out to the customer desk and get response over mails or messages to your phone. Earlier I have tried to use the customer care and realized that it was such a hard process trying to find your way through the IVR to reach a representative to talk to. And even after the call, getting to the same executive was hard for a follow up and we had to explain the same problem over and over again. Well, no more of that, since every little thing gets documented, it becomes a lot easier to stay in touch with the complaints section.

These are my top reasons for the airtel app. You might find it worth your while too. Do lemme know if you find out any more advantages or if there are any disadvantages whcih dissuade you from the same. I am all ears 🙂

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