Modi Suit Auction: Why Its a Great Thing!

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Modi Suit Auction: What else is on sale?! 

modi suit auction, why suit auction, modi auction, modi funds clean ganga, modi suitWell! It is all over the news. Modi is auctioning the suit which he wore when president Obama came to India as a guest for the republic day celebrations. The first time I heard of Modi wearing such a suit with his name monogrammed on the suit and I wondered

– Gosh this man is certainly full of himself

– Then I wondered – Is is a publicity drive to promote the company which makes Narendra Modi suits. Does he own that company? He being a businessman finds interesting ways of promotions and marketing. 

– Then I realized it becomes an office of benefit which will cost his job. So he can’t be that ignorant! 

But then the social media has slammed him wearing a suit with his name embroidered. Some even said that the suit costs about Rs.10 lakh and it is unfair that an Indian PM is wearing such a suit.

Then I question myself – why is it wrong to wear an expensive suit? Is he using the govt’s money to do that? His image and his personal style is his own personal choice. Would someone make a similar mockery of me if I wear a suit with my name on it? As long as I am comfortable with it, what is the big loss?

Anyway I guess that is an old debate now, let us talk about what is happening today. The suit is being auctioned – that along with other 455 items Modi received as gift from the time he has assumed the office of the Prime Minister. And the proceeds go to the cause – Clean Ganga mission.

Now this is a clever person at the office, someone who is practical and also really smart. Modi suit auction is big news today and rightly so. I don’t remember any other leader auctioning gifts he/she received to raise money for a project like clean ganga. My thought was that the gifts would make their way as either the personal property or to a museum, but this is much better and smarter.

I often wonder, what would happen if we have policitians with a similar mindset at the local levels too, who are smart enough to think of innovative ways for the good of the nation. None of us expected him to do it, the most I thought was that the budget would find ways to provide financial support for the clean ganga project. But here is a PM who is actually thinking of making money for these projects instead of thinking of just disbursing money from the central exchequer.

The man has sure earned my respect and I am very happy to know that his suit has been bid at about 1.25 crore. And now that’s a good start for the clean ganga project. (Source: The Hindu)


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21 thoughts on “Modi Suit Auction: Why Its a Great Thing!

  1. What is point in shouting if he wear what? Nice post Vinay, I must say that Modi is the only person who can even think about such things. He donated all the price money of a similar type of auction for the benefits of the govt. employees of Gujarat when he was coming to Delhi as the Prime Minister of India.

    1. I guess people have a way of making an issue out of literally everything on earth – maybe to prove how jobless they are 😀 . I did not know that he had done something similar in Gujarat as well .That is pretty clever actually. I mean it is so simple and so effective and you are raising money for the govt exchequer as opposed to the so many examples of people plundering the money from the treasury..

  2. Honestly, what’s the big deal if he wears a costly suit. Do they expect him to go in a dhoti to every place. people just need a reason to voice their useless and baseless opinion!!

    1. He he, it is an issue if he wears a dhoti to meet Obama – if he does tht people call him silly that he disrespected the visitor. If his suit is expensive then people have an issue with it. I understand that it makes sense to point it out if he used the govt money to do that. If he is doing it on his own from his own pocket, I don’t see any right of these people in pointing fingers at him.

  3. giving all the money to a charity is a good gesture.. and good luck to him for that .. and the suit going for 1.25 crore well someone really has a lot of money to dish out on a second hand suit 🙂

    but you are right we need such leaders who genuinely want the country to do good and dont get into politics to make money


    1. I found it a very sensible move Bikram – from the position to the people and I think he used it very smartly and effectively too. I am sure there will be plenty of people who call it a sham to pose to the people. But I think he is doing a good job at it. Maybe he is pulling the crowd by doing something good but when was it bad – isn’t it a part of marketing for the next term as well. And he did a good job while doing that. What’s really the issue with it, I really don’t understand!

  4. I was upset when I learnt of the expensive suit.
    Didn’t expect it from our PM.

    But, now that he has out it up for auction & for the noble cause, all is fine 🙂
    Hope all politicians think of the good of the nation and do not squander off money…

    1. Yea it seemed like a bit of an aberration to his earlier established image. But then I was pleasantly surprised to hear about the auction .. Nice to know that he is thinking smart 🙂

  5. It looked somewhat flamboyant when he wore it, and gave a chance for other parties to make it an issue but after the auction it makes perfect economic sense.

    1. True that Somali. I was also quite surprised cos it was a bit unlike him and I was even more surprised to see his name embroidered all through. For a moment I even blamed it as narcissism. But then, I guess as long as it is his own personal money, then it is his own personal choice.. Not my style though 🙂

  6. Very nice post! I don’t think there is a harm in wearing expensive suit. When we get a gift from someone, we don’t ask the price of it. Now, auctioning it for a noble cause is a great idea!

    1. Thank you Ratna. Spot on! I mean even I love wearing expensive stuff. It is just that I feel comfortable in them and happy doing so. Just cos of his post, to expect him to be a very simple man with a dhoti and a kurta would be a bit of an over expectation. Each man is entitled to his own sense of style right?! 🙂

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