Modi Madison Square Speech Highlights

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Modi Madison Square Speech Highlights

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Modi Madison Square Speech

What Makes Madison Square So Special?

Madison Square garden has held some of the world’s most famous names like The Beatles, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson,

The Madison Square is ranked one of ten most expensive stadium ventures ever built

Some very inspiring facts about this event.

  • Tickets have been completely sold for the feat which had more than 20,000 people.
  • Delegates to the order of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Indra Nooyi of Pepsico, The Dean of Harvard School, The congressmen and senators are a few to mention.
  • This is the biggest gathering of Indian Americans in US ever

Highlights Of The Speech

1) Indians here have raised India’s Image, we are not a bunch of snake charmers

“Our ancestors played with the snakes but we now play with the mouse” ;). Speaking of Americans in India, Modi spoke about their importance and their contribution to the country and the significant role in maintaining the image of the country!

2) Winning an election is not just about securing a seat to sit on, it is about a responsibility to fulfill

I love this statement, I think it has been a long time since a leader has spoken about responsibility over power, it had been a while since a leader spoke about solutions than problems and it sure had been a long time since we looked at things more practically. If sitting on the seat of the PM is a responsibility, then perhaps we too have bigger ones as well 🙂

3) India has 3 Unique Strengths which no other nation has

– Democracy : The largest democracy in the world and in India, democracy is not just a establishment, it is a trust, it is aspiration, it is the way to realize your dreams

– Demographic Dividend : India is a nation which has a very strong young population, highly motivated, a generation

– Demand : The entire world is looking at India, cos they know that it is a nation with 1.2 billion population which means a huge market and every nation or a company would neglect this at their own loss.

With these three D’s in India combined, nothing is going to stop this country from being a huge success

4) There is development only when people participate.

It is not just about expecting the government to take care of us, it is about being a part of the development and growth, it is about taking responsibility, being responsive and understanding the importance of each of our roles and how we can make that significant impact. And that is the true definition of good governance!

5) If you look at History, every time you see that there is someone who has sacrificed themselves for the country. 

He spoke about Gandhi, he united everyone in India for the freedom of the country, not by asking them to go out of their way, it was more practical, it was a revolution which was possible, which was practical and which would be done by everyone. Such is the kind of relation we need for India, we should integrate this in our life blood and there

Development, growth should be a revolution, a movement – the thought that whatever I do is for the nation and with such integrity no one would even dare to do something that would bring the image of the country down. It is about owning the nation, it is about everyone of us being a part of the country, driving it ahead, not just the PM or the govt, it is about all of us and that is going to make the difference for the country!

6) We wanted to start a zero balance account but people have deposited 15,000Cr in that account!

It is pretty interesting a fact to know that there are people who want to be inclusive, there are people who believe that they can be a part, there are people who trust and if there such amazing ones who believe in us, then we should too!

7) I have decided that I will make toilets!

People ask me to create a big vision, I have told them – “I have come this far by being a tea vendor!, I am a very small man, a very simple man, had a simple background, I am a small man and hence my mind is always set on doing the small things and doing these things for the smaller people. But I am small, and that is the reason why I am willing to do bigger things for the smaller people”

The beauty of the word or the speech is that there is a lot of brilliance in every simple act and when a man can do these simple things and focus on them at . “If I did not get my hands dirty, people would have never made me the PM, I have a stake in every small part or large part of the responsibility and hence I want to do this”

8) What did we give Gandhi? 

Ask not what a nation has done for you, ask what you can do for the nation! Modi reminded me of the speech by John F Kennedy, but the idea was equally powerful –

Gandhi had two favourite things :

– Freedom

– Cleanliness

Gandhi has given us freedom, can we not give cleanliness? Can we not give a clean, pure nation for a man who gave us this independence?!

Well, looks like we all have a lot of roles to play, for this is our nation and we owe it to the nation!

These were the most inspiring aspect of this phenomenal speech. Would love your opinions below 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Modi Madison Square Speech Highlights

  1. ANother jhaksh post. One thing I want to tell you that why you liked his speech. The reason is that he doesn’t use to get his speech written from some of his so called salahakaar. He speaks his mind out. He speaks what he wants to do and what plans he has in his mind for India. They are real and hence we find them very genuine.

    Modi is a blend of businessman and a politician who really wants to see his country to prosper. This also signifies that he has patriotism in his heart. That’s what separates him from his other colleagues.


    1. Thank you Nitin :). Yea, that is quite something indeed. He really knows what he is talking about and perhaps that is something which makes his speeches so exciting. The moment someone reads a speech from a book or a paper, it gets so mechanical and boring. But to know that this entire thing was extempore was a delightful feeling. And I loved the way he related to the common man throughout the process. It simply is the ultimate gesture of a visionary 🙂

  2. Really inspiring and highly motivational speech by our honourable PM. I think he has a sheer vision of cleaning India rather than making it as a developing country or a competing nation as other leaders does.

    I like his simplistic approach both in his thoughts and deeds!

    Not to forget, very good article Vinay. You have inculcated both his words and your opinion in this. Very careful selection of words in this is highly appreciated.

    1. Thank you Gowthama :). I agree, he is the man with a vision and a man with a true plan to make that vision come true. It is very rare to have leaders like that and seeing the developments, I can feel that the winds of change have started 🙂 .

      Thanks so much about your kind words about the post. I couldn’t resist writing my opinions on this post. It really touched me 🙂

  3. Ah! what a beautiful write up Vinay. You presented the soul of the speech very well. It was really very inspirational and motivational speech by Mr. Narendra Modi, a man who dares to dream. Liked the post…:)

    1. Thank you Priyashi :). I was waiting for this speech all day and there was not even a single moment of lull in that speech. Simply one of the greatest speeches I have heard in a while 🙂

    1. True Abhijit, and he is really good at it. Today he was talking about govt and business, it all makes it feel so practical and for me I feel that the change is there en route and it is about to happen.. Birth of a revolution I guess 🙂

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