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I still remember the days when I used to go out with a Rs.100 note in my pocket in search of the nearest retail station to get a recharge done on my phone. And now I realize things have changed so much and it hasn’t taken more than 3-4 years for that to happen. I think it was the dawn of flipkart from which the online shopping in India went on to a new level. From the first time I have ordered a book on flipkart to making recharges on phone and even paying the cab fair for the Uber Taxis, my smart phone has really proved that it is really smart.

I particularly like the application Paytm for my recharges. To be very honest, I have found it a lot easier than making an online recharge for my number at my service provider website – it is slow, annoying and it takes me the internet banking page and sometimes it gets stuck making me do all the work again. I guess that is where a smart phone comes into the picture and all you need is the application and internet and you are through. Of course money still plays a primary role though 🙂

I think there are two solid sites popular for their recharge options

1) Paytm

2) Freecharge

Both of them have proved very useful over the last few months for me providing me a greater flexibility to take care of my finances. The Paytm recharge has been extremely useful for my phone and my taxi payments whenever I have used uber taxis in Bangalore. If you are new to Paytm, I think you can make use of a few of their coupons here – Paytm Recharge Coupons. Or if you are a fan of Freecharge, then you could find some freecharge coupons here – Freecharge Coupons.

I like the idea of coupons, this is a new one for me too. I haven’t used much of them, but they sure sound quite exciting with the number of deals they offer, the discounts you can avail on a few purchases and a few vouchers as well. I mean we all love a bit of extra money right and that’s where the coupons come into play. Granted that most of these coupons come as a marketing measure – maybe to advertise a new product or an application or a website. But if it is a product we are searching for and if there is an opportunity for a coupon or a voucher, I would rather go for it instead of paying the extra amount in cash.

And since we all are avid users of our mobile phones, it sure will be cool to have a few coupons for mobile phone recharges as well. Well, if you are looking for those, I think you have hit the right spot as you can find a few mobile phone recharge options and some interesting coupons and offers here – Mobikwik Wallet Offers. Well, the coupons sure look like a new way to go through our shopping basket. All I can hope is that we don’t end up spending a little more than what we actually need. Just cos someone offers something for free or at a cost, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to take it all right? 😉

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