Mobile Phones : Look What You Are Missing

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I am a little late to share this video which went viral a few months ago. I was scrolling down on my FB page and saw someone’s post with this share and this is a beautiful video, something good and a must watch for all of us.

So with the belief that it’s never too late to do something good, I am sharing this video with you all.

If you had already watched the video spare me for taking your time and if you watched it here for the first time I am sure you would have realised the beautiful message it is trying to convey.

We live in an online generation where making connections looks like a piece of cake. We have 500+ friends on the social networking sites and a very few bother to actually give a courtesy smile at you when they see us? Something that irritates me a lot is the way people engage themselves all time with their phones. You meet your friends and after a few minutes of  Hi,Hello and other talks, they are busy looking at their phones and you alone wonder “Why did they even make a plan to meet?” I guess most of you can relate to this? Funny thing is when you happen to find the route to a place, you follow the application in your phone sincerely and get lost at times! I don’t know how many times have I done a round about over the same place with my friends. A simple question to a pedestrian would have resolved the matter for us much quicker. Right? I agree, its an amazing application, Kudos to the creators and is definitely a great help for us. And the social networking media is a wonderful way of staying connected to people. All these were made to make life easier. Indeed it served the purpose but at times unknowingly we get so deep into it that we forget everything else around us.

I have been a fool. Looking at my stupid phone which beeps frequently I have missed some wonderful opportunities to talk to people. I have been stupid and have missed  to see beautiful weather changes, I have missed infectious smiles and acts of beautiful people around me but now I feel proud to have realized not to be stupid again in life 😀

For the first time lets not prove Einstein’s right:

“I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” – Albert Einstein

There is a lot of beauty around you only if you LOOK UP.  People look better than their profile pictures when they smile, there words are better than the status they update and it feels great to know them personally than just remaining their friends on a networking site 🙂 We will have our phones all day but will never be able to recreate certain moments in life. We are missing so much for something very little 🙂

 As the video tells lets keep our phones aside ( at least in our pockets 😀 ) and step into a beautiful world which  offers a lot of beautiful things.

3 thoughts on “Mobile Phones : Look What You Are Missing

  1. What a great feeling to get my space here back ! 🙂
    I am in full agreement though what I practice on my kids n family, make him feel so meek and requesting …. I lash out at them for not looking up:)
    And Vinay we can observe this again and again that all wise people irrespective of their field of expertise, from writers to thinkers to scientists like Einstein, are unanimous on one thing – the greatness and sacredness of human mind. They had realized it that science, technology, arts, writings, culture are means to make life easier, comfortable and beautiful respectively by tapping the energy of human mind and nature….. but these must be the extensions of our beings and not US.
    I am glad am not on What’s App. 🙂

    1. Ha ha Kokila good you are not on WhatsApp, whatsApp, facebook were my addictions for a few days and its kind of gone now. Feels nice to enjoy talking to friends without the interruption of phone. How great it would be if people realise the importance of spending time exclusively with each other without the interruption of technology.

  2. Ah! Vidya, Such a nice read….:). Oh yes, i too feel the same and somewhere I am loosing my interest from facebook and whtsapp. People whom I know they are digitally present with me all the time but emotionally I guess we are far far away. our emotions too become electronic. I have seen an episode of a famous series known as “Doctor who” which is the oldest series in world and based on science fiction, it was shown that in 1000 yrs later people would be selling and buying emotions from the shop, such as to forget, to be happy, to be honest, to be kind, to be friend…. it was just an imagination for the episode but sometimes I wonder, are we not following the path towards the same?

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