Mistakes: Why Make Them

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I would love to believe in every word of this statement in its entirety. So simple and yet so profound. I think sometimes we all are caught up in the societal stigma of not making a mistake, being a perfectionist so that no one including us points a finger towards us. But what good comes of it?

Hesitation– Perhaps the natural stock response for anything new or a change is a natural reluctance and sometimes a staunch denial. The question that I would like to point at is – Why? Why do we have to feel that reluctance? Is it because it is unchartered waters for us? Or is it because it is something completely new and the results are unknown? Or is that it looks like a lot of hard work?

Mistakes – Well isn’t it the natural course of action? The more mistakes we do, the better we get at handling the mistake. Of course I would refer to a situation of not repeating a mistake here. But nevertheless aren’t the mistakes highly underappreciated ones? Sometimes don’t we think we don’t give enough importance to those? All the while in the society and within we have shunned the mistakes, avoided them, cursed them, ridiculed them and made fun of them. May it be mine or someone else’s. I have always made it a point to be a giant painful perfectionist and find ways to blame the mistake. I sometimes do question myself, is it simply because of the cultural tuning or is it because I am trying to feed in a void of inferiority by finding faults in others.

Being superior – We have all hear of the clichéd quote – “Failure is the stepping stone to success”, more times than I can recall. But how many times do we actually believe it? How many times do we actually appreciate something wrong around us and try to find ways to make it right? We have always prided ourselves in finding what is wrong so that at that particular moment we feel superior and that’s the end of it. But is that the end? Or is it just a sad state of affairs we put ourselves into? Maybe sometimes being superior is just to identify what the problem is, take a feedback from it and then find ways to work around, thus increasing our problem solving ability and tolerance level to make fresher and newer mistakes! 😉

Being inferior – Well I would just say it is yet another state of mind. If we keep focusing on what is wrong and what the mistakes are, both in others and in ourselves, which is the exact thing we are going to find. Perhaps one way of getting out of the inferior feeling is trying to identify what is good in almost everything around us and what can be done better. It is just a change in the phrase we use, but can have a huge impact, cos don’t we often get what we are looking at? Success or failure alike, isn’t it just a matter of focus?

Sincere Request – No matter how inferior it makes you feel, do it! Cos mistakes are one of the best ways of growing. I do agree that sometimes they sure are embarrassing, but perhaps we need to redefine embarrassment for ourselves. Sometimes we probably need to understand that in the larger scale of things, this would probably be one of the best things that could happen!

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