Mistake might be the most essential thing

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Blame the mistakes! Shun them! Sue them! Make sure they burn in hell! Does it sound remotely familiar? Does it sound like something we might have done at some point in our lives? Let us look at one the biggest mistakes we have done in our life so far – A recent one doesn’t count though, cos the more recent it is the bigger it seems. Let us think of something which happened a long time ago. And something we have resolved.

How does it feel looking back at it now? Years later? Does it seem like a silly one? Does it feel like something simple? Something in retrospect seems like the one which could be solved at the blink of an eye? Well perhaps I am striking a chord with a few here and probably not with few more. But either cases, lets try to read on. The point I am trying to think of here is those very mistakes which we made a long time ago, no wonder felt bit, felt monstrous at those moments. But now if we look at them, maybe from a certain view point, it seems as though it was very necessary.

The very mistake was necessary to make us who we are today. The very mistake made us grow beyond our limits and our thoughts of who we are and the definitions we like to stand up for. Of course those were big at the time they happened, it did feel like there was no way out of it. Well now we know there was. Now at one end it feels like those mistakes were very necessary for our definition now. The very mistakes which were quintessential and maybe the very things needed for our lives, for what we define as successes, achievements and so on. Perhaps sometimes it might makes sense to appreciate a few of these mistakes.


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