Why Messi is such a great footballer!

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Messi! The name speaks volumes! Dubbed as one of the greatest footballer ever, the man who used to serve tea at a shop to support his football training, one of the greatest the world has ever seen, the man who has scored 4 goals in his 3 games this world cup is no doubt the match winner, a man we would always look up to. But what makes him one of the best footballer the world has ever seen. Well the usual answers are always there – Hard work, dedication, perseverance, attitude, belief and so on.. But this one video says a lot more than that without the use of any of those cliched words. If you know Messi or even heard of him, I would strongly urge you to watch this video and if you are left uninspired even after that, then I will consider this my personal failure!


I am sure you would have seen a thousand videos which hails Messi, shows you his goals and even talks about how great a footballer he is but this, this one is special, it makes you want to watch it. Do go through the first 2 mins, it is the best video I think we have shared this week.

What makes Messi such a great success? Why is he so special, what does he have that no one has. The strangest answer I have come across is this


That no wonder caught my attention and here I am writing about it. I was wondering why someone would compare a man like Messi to a dog?! Well the answer was simple, a dog never complains, a dog with a bone is known for its focus, it does what it is expected to, no complaints whatsoever.

In an era of football where we have seen people dive for no reason and cry foul just for the advantage of getting a penalty or a free kick, a game where a few people compromise on values to get an undue advantage, where people try to get attention and an undue edge, here is a man who doesn’t move a finger even when he legitimately can. The compilation must have hundreds of goals in short clips, clips where people pull him down by his shirt, kick his legs, dive against him, be violent to him but Messi never budges, his focus is just the ball, his game the way he knows it and nothing else.

All through the video, you can see him and his focus just the ball and nothing else, everyone around him dives, everyone cries foul but this man never responds, he just keeps his eye on the ball and the goal and does what he does best, win the game and our hearts.

We have had people talk about determination, focus, hard work and what not, but to see someone in action, this video tells about it all, Messi is no wonder one of the best footballers ever and this video in short is the best explanation I can come up with for why :).

Do tell me how you like it 🙂

16 thoughts on “Why Messi is such a great footballer!

  1. SO very true .. he is the true star .. I have been watching every game in the worldcup and he is just great.. when every other player is busy falling down faking it to win a free kick.. he seldom does it and rather gets up and goes for the ball ..

    He is truly the best player in the world in the current times.. before him was MAradonna 🙂

    1. Thank you Bikram. The video has made me want to go and see him live in action. Although I like football, I havent really spent a lot of time on it and to see something like this is like magic to me. And when you get to see a personality trait in a person like Messi who undoubtedly is one of the best footballer I have ever seen or heard of – no offense to the others though. It is just that Messi has gained such an amount of respect from us.

      Nice to be talking to another real fan 🙂

  2. I am a huge fan of Messi too and get into regular debates with Ronaldo’s fans. Well now I have a solid point to make after reading this. 😛

    1. Infact I was quite surprised too when I heard the representation as to why the person who made the video calls him a dog. But when you hear the complete rendition, to a certain extent it starts making sense. But as far as football is concerned, I would still maintain that Messi is a GOD 🙂

  3. I am just a concerned viewer and wants to you in best of your interestd that link for the video is not working

    1. Thank you for bringing it to our notice Navdeep. Apparently youtube had disbanded that video on copyrights issue. I have used an alternate link and it is working now. Hope you like the video 🙂

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