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Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 21.49.30This takes me back to 2010 when I used to stay in Delhi near the Karol Bagh area. The first thing I remember about each Saturday was the walk in the Karol Bagh region, I was absolutely fascinated by the number of shops and the wide variety of clothing that was on display. Me, never being much of a shopper would still go into these showrooms with a certain sense of awe and wonder. What excited me the most was to see the crowd in these shops which were completely filled.

The Delhi Effect

I think, the colours and brightness of these stores in Delhi is one of the most impressive thing I have come across. So as I now look back to see how online shopping has transformed the way we buy clothes, Amazon, Myntra and the many others are the front runners in this segment. However, I am still in the hunt of something with a local flavor as the mass consumer market is on a slow shift from a stereotypical experience to a customized one and that is where the local shopping aspect comes into play and of course e commerce being the most convenient way to shop currently, stores like stand to fill in a much aspired gap in the society.

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The Eye for Local Taste and Trends

As for Delhi, the online market place Satisfazer offers Men shirts online in Delhi with a certain flair and eye for the local taste and style. I think Delhi is one place where shopping is always on a high tide and a website like this can sure add to the variety and a certain amount of customization for people with preferences in the local style and want to be abreast of the fashion centre. I am kinda glad that there is a website which focuses on men as a target segment. A good is that for these men shirts online in Delhi, a subscription for the website provides an extra 15% discount for the interested customer. The online experience is also quite convenient with easy navigation and a fast, easy mode of payment with options such as COD/Credit/Debit Card and even net banking, simplifying the experience for the end customer.

So, if you are a shopoholic, well there is good news for you as there are more and more sites coming up to satisfy the hunger of new design and trends. Kudos to an arena of choices

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