Medical Entrance Exams In India

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In the last post, we discussed about the engineering entrance exams in India. In this post, we are going to talk about the medical entrance exams in India. For both of these streams, the competition is no wonder extreme. Between the two, if I were asked as to which one is tougher, my finger would right away point to the entrance exams. Not cos clearing a medical entrance exam is rocket science nor is it because the exams are way challenging compared to the engineering ones. It is just that the number of medical seats are way less compared to the number of engineering seats.

In such a scenario, the AIPMT exam come to the prime importance. Considering the number of schools which take these exam scores into consideration, these exams have an elevated importance. Apart from these, there are a few other top schools in India who conduct their own exams and are also amongst the most reputed institutes to study from. The AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Sciences conducts its own AIIMS MBBS entrance and it is considered to be a matter of pride to get a seat in this college.

Another college in similar lines is JIPMER – Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research which conducts its own JIPMER MBBS. These three exams are considered to be at the top rung of competitive exams in the country which test you on the basic knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology. It becomes extremely important to excel in all the fields to get the desired medical seat.

Considering that the number of seats in these colleges are below 1000, it makes sense to be prepared to apply for colleges at the state level as well. On a comparative note, one could say that studying in these colleges is equivalent to studying in the IITs and NITs in India and the other schools similar to studying engineering in state level colleges. However the slight difference is that there are more number of engineering schools as opposed to the medical colleges.

These institutes offer the masters courses as well and those too are amongst the most sought after ones, just like the bachelors. The slight difference is that the number of seats is even lesser and the competition is tighter for the masters. Well that’s a story for another day, for now – the focus is simply on the medical schools and these three colleges in almost the top list of desired schools in India.

It is going to take a tremendous amount of hard work to secure a seat in a good college in India. As we have reiterated plenty of times above, the competition is much larger than it seems but getting a seat in these colleges is worth it because it is going to play a significant role in defining and laying out a path for your career ahead. Keeping these in mind, a focused effort is needed to crack these exams and excel at them.

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