Maybe It’s My Fault: Michael Jordan Nike Video

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Maybe It’s My Fault: 

I feel quite enriched today sharing this Michael Jordan Video – a simple 1 minute Nike commercial which makes you think about a few things which we usually take for granted. And when Jordan says – ‘Maybe It’s My Fault’, it makes you think – what on earth is he talking about. But then, the video below answers it all.

And yeah like he says, maybe it is his fault or maybe be the fault of all those legendary heroes who have achieved some extraordinary things – maybe the Sachin Tendulkar of Cricket, or Federer of Tennis, Jackson of singing, Anthony Robbins of motivational speaking… The list goes on forever. ‘Maybe it is their fault’ that things seem so easy that we almost take it for granted that ‘Excellence is easy’.

But you and me both know how big a lie that is. On one of our earlier posts, we had talked about 5 things you did not know about Michael Jordan. The media has a tendency to talk about successes and highlight them. And we as common people are bombarded by these advertisements, it makes us feel used to the achievements and we start expecting more and more. Not just out of them, but also out of ourselves as well.

And that is a great thing as Tony Robbins says because our life is known by the standards we keep for ourselves and with standards these high, we are bound to get somewhere extremely competitive and make a mark, create a story and make history. And that is the beauty of achievement. But something very crucial we miss out here most often is that – it is all made to appear too easy. I mean each time people talk about Jordan or Tendulkar, they talk about the results, they talk about the glorious hits they made and the successes they achieved. Very little is talked about the hard work they went through. And even if it is talked about, it is romanticised most often to create a perfect story because media knows the art of story telling and perhaps that’s why they say Maybe It’s My Fault.

But yeah, as prudent people, we do know or ought to know that there is truth beyond what we see or is shown to us. There is truth that all these achievements come through a lot of hard work. It is one thing to appreciate people for what they have done. It is one thing to think that they are lucky and superheroes and tell ourselves that we do not have enough to get there. It is one thing to feel that we are short of resources and support to achieve our dreams.

It is one thing to give reasons and another thing to find ways to get around them. There is almost always a solution and almost always a way to get to our dreams. Passion is a bright fire within us and the excuse is the cold water to dampen the spirits. What matters is our attitude towards it and how we respond to it. Rest of all is history in the making.

So when Michael Jordan can say ‘Maybe It’s My Fault’, maybe it is or maybe it isn’t – the question is – what does it mean to us?!

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