Maya Video: Despite Everything, People Are Really Good At Heart.

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“Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.“-Anne Frank

Sometimes a little something can mean a lot something for others. Here is a beautiful video to show that people are still nice with their gestures and kind actions. Watch this and we are sure it will provoke kindness in your heart. Here is a beautiful video ‘Maya’ from Zorba- A Renaissance Studio


Help others to Help yourself.

Love others to Love yourself

What if you come across someone helping others in a similar? Wouldn’t you feel good to see? Wouldn’t you instantly feel a sense of respect and appreciation for that person helping? We do. We all do. Right? If seeing alone can bring that amount of respect, joy and peace, imagine what doing would do to us.

While watching this video a question arised in my mind. Why is it that it’s very easy for many of them to offer there something to an unknown whereas it is a little questioning for us as to why we should give our hard earned money or anything else to a stranger? Maybe, what we relate to giving is the answer for this.

No matter what we do we have a selfish motive in it. “No! Please don’t get me wrong.” The selfish I am talking about is something which makes us feel good about ourselves. Maybe, helping others helped these people to help themselves see a better person in themselves and maybe loving others is helping them to love themselves for the person they are being. If being selfish in this sense can bring the better person in us then being selfish isn’t bad.

Anne Frank said, “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” How wonderful will the world turn to if at least a few of us start proving Anne right.

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16 thoughts on “Maya Video: Despite Everything, People Are Really Good At Heart.

    1. Thank you Maniparna 🙂 You read it when you were in 7th standard? That’s very impressive. I finished reading a couple of days ago and Anne has inspired me in many ways. So much to learn from that little girl.

  1. This is a deep thought.. which is debatable.. Loved the video…. the message..
    have a nice day.

  2. HI Vidyashree. Very nice video. It moved me and I had tears in my eyes. I watch it daily so that it keeps me motivated to help others. The Maya which you have mentioned id it a NGO or what. Want to know more.
    Really thanks for sharing this awesome video.

  3. I’d loved this video.when i looked it i also had tears in my eyes..i always look this video becoz it keeps me motivating ……i love this video very muchhhhhhhhh.thankyou for shairng thiz video….

  4. Very nice and impressive video – thank you for sharing it.

    Can anyone tell me please, who the persons in this film are?


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