Mary Kom Wins Gold Asian Games

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Mary Kom Wins Gold Asian Games

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Mary Kom Wins Gold

Well the news is out, MC MARY KOM has done it again! She wins her first gold in the Asian games and I am extremely thrilled writing this post about her. She has been an eternal inspiration, her movie Mary Kom of course is a must watch which will give an idea as to why she is so inspirational.

As for this win, it of course is nothing short of an inspiration for the personal challenges she might have gone through showing grit and determination all through the process and now emerging a victor is an outstanding achievement to say the least.

Here is a collection of a few inspirational lines about this win by Mary Kom

  • She has won this gold just a year after she has had her third child. How many boxers would you find who would get back to the ring after having a child? And not only that, this is nothing short of a powerful statement as to how good things can get when you are committed enough

  • Mary lost the first round in this match according to all the three judges. Talk about a comeback and to turn things around to make the match a victory?! That is quite something isn’t it?

  • This is the first gold in Asian Games in the flyweight category

  • This is India’s 7th gold at the ASIAD

  • You might be interested to know that she did not qualify for the commonwealth games last year. Talk about turning things around!


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10 thoughts on “Mary Kom Wins Gold Asian Games

  1. This was the news I was waiting since morning, thanks Vinay for updating me. I am now eagerly waiting for Indian hockey team to win Gold that too against Pakistan 🙂

  2. What a pride….getting to this after the movie release just confirms her strength that we got to see on reel. Super post.

    1. Indeed Shweta :). The movie was a true testimony to her strength and they really have done good justice to her. And she goes on to win this medal offering an adequate justice to the movie. I cannot ask for anything better 🙂

  3. Pride of India – MC Mary Kom. She is a true fighter, always inspiring….Many congratulations to her for making history once again. Superb…….Lovely Post Vinay….:)

    1. True Priyashi, I love the grit and determination she symbolizes. I loved the movie made on her and it was amazing the way they have captured her character and now that she goes to prove it again by winning gold is a sensational achievement to say the least 🙂

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