Martin Luther King Jr : 8 Powerful Quotes To Set You In Action

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Martin Luther King Jr : Rights For You!

Martin Luther King, the humanitarian, leader of African American Civil Rights Movement, patron of non violent civil disobedience, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, 1964. And of course none of us can ever forget his “I Have A Dream” speech, a speech which shook thousands into action. Today, we share with you few 8 powerful quotes of Martin Luther King to set you into action.

Martin Luther King Jr : 8 Powerful Quotes To Set You In Action

Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase. Only in the darkness can you see the stars.

martin luther king on faith, faith quotes, martin luther faithWhat is faith? Is it belief in system? Is it belief in god? Is it belief in religion? Or is it belief in self?

Faith is the belief, the drive, the inspiration and the hope for us to be in action, to work on our goals, our dreams and aspirations. Faith is the life blood, the juice that drives us, the enthusiasm that constantly keeps us hungry, the aspiration to persevere when things go down.

Faith is the heart to keep going when everything else seems down and there doesn’t seem to be much hope.

It is the ability to see light in the darkness. It is taking the first step in the hope that it is the staircase to heaven!

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

martin luther love quotes, love quotes, hate quotes, martin luther hate quotes, Weakness cannot lead weakness, we need strength to break the shackles of desperation. We need strength to wake us up for the true purpose in life.

We cannot rely on our weak perceptions to take action, they never let us get there. They never goad us into action. We need results, we need action and above all, it is our life and we need complete control on it. And that  control is not by weakness, it is standing up to the odds and telling yourself what you are made up of.

It is not withering to the tides of time, it is about standing up boldly to it and light the candle to get rid of the darkness. Lead yourselves, love yourselves and you can drive out the hatred, the jealousy and the weakness that pulls you down. You are better than that! – Here are 6 hopes for your troubles in life

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

Martin luther king quote, martin luther king ignorance quotes, ignorance quotesWhat is the greatest treachery?

As Napoloeon said –  The world suffers a lot. Not because the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of the good people”

There are hundreds of reasons as to why we don’t act upon something. There are hundreds of rationalizations we give ourselves. But deep down, the only one person we need to satisfy is ourselves. We can describe ourselves as good or bad. I am sure that even Hitler would have described himself good at a certain point of time.

But that doesn’t matter does it, it is not who you are within but what you do that makes you. We all have wonderful thoughts inside of us, some more pure than the other. But none of these are ever going to matter if we don’t find a way to bring that out.

We agree that thoughts matter, but your actions matter a little more than that.

If you think you are good, then prove it, not to me, but to yourself!

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

martin luther king quotes on character, martin luther king quotes, martin luther king challenge, martin luther king controversy quoteWe are at our best when things happen as per the plan, as per our expectations. And we all are very lavish with praise too and perfect gentlemen when things are happening the way we want them.

But the moment when something goes wrong, I bet that is the moment of truth. And most times at these moments of truth, we are worried as to what people around us might think of us.

But that is your reputation, not your character. And it is just your reputation. What matters the most is what you think of yourself?

The natural tendency is to shirk responsibility and move away. And that is probably what most people.

We both know that you are not one among them or else you would not be reading this post this far.

I agree that it is uncomfortable and it is very painful too. But that is something which is going to make you one hell of a person, someone you can respect, someone you can feel proud about. 90% of the people may escape that responsibility, but it is the rest 10% which goes on to become the leader.

The choice as always is ultimately yours – who you want to be and what you want to do!

The Troubles are here for a reason: Here are 7 Simple Solutions

The time is always right to do what is right.

martin luther king time quotes, martin luther king quotes, martin luther king time, martin luther king right time quotesWhen is the best time to do something right? Is it tomorrow? Is it a week later from now? Or is it the new year when we are all set to make resolutions?

When is the right time? If your answer is anything but now, then perhaps you are missing out on what Martin Luther King Jr is saying.

There is never something called a perfect situation or a perfect solution. Give an opportunity for the natural course of action, the time will always be wrong. There will be some or the other challenge.

If you wait for the right time, chances are that you might never find it. You must do it now, it is now or it is never, and for the right thing, delay is its worst enemy.

Forgiveness is not an occasional act. It is a permanent attitude.

martin luther king forgiveness, martin luther king quoteI am sure that we all are tired of the good old cliche – ‘Be quick to forgive and slow to anger’

It takes immense character to forgive someone and it never is easy. And especially when the stakes are high and we are at the receiving end, it makes things all the more difficult.

At the same time, we are not promoting laziness or irresponsibility. We hate that from the first letter of the world. But we sure are saying that it gives us no right to punish someone no matter what the faults are. The one choice we have in our arsenal is forgiveness and that is the only noble choice we have.

If we are out there to wreathe vengeance, if we are out there to seek revenge for a fault, we are just reducing the breadth of our character by that much and not to mention the incredible loss of emotions and energy wasted on those negative thoughts. And forgiving someone is not once in a while, it is that aspect of your attitude which defines.

We can all be great at some point of our lives – As Vivekananda says Great occasions rouse even the lowest of human beings to some kind of greatness, but he alone is the really great man whose character is great always, the same wherever he be.’

So.. What defines your character?!

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.

martin luther king quote, martin luther king if you cant flyYou have a purpose in life, you have a goal, a dream, an aspiration, the drive to do something. But somewhere down the line, we miss out on it. We sacrifice these goals for simpler results like social acceptance, security, money, glory and what not. It is like starting running to lose weight and then stopping it cos your feet hurt. The goal was never just to run, the goal was to lose weight and we could do that in so many other ways.

The truth is – sometimes we are so hung up on the means that we forget the ends. If something doesn’t work, there are a hundred other things that will. We need to keep our eyes straight on the target and the rest will meekly follow.

These were our top quotes from Martin Luther King Jr.

And the best of all, we know Martin Luther King for his speech, “I have a dream”, a dream, a speech of hope, aspiration, equality and above all the respect for fellow men. A dream of a nation where humanity prospered beyond the minor differences. Here is a glimpse of one of the best speeches in world history. A speech which is drowned in cheers as the man speaks and the man speaks with passion, fire and the aspiration to drive change. And we would like to say one thing, the moment you decide to watch this speech – NOW IS THE TIME! The speech remains a beacon for years to come..

The speech might have been political in nature or even humanitarian. But there is something about this speech that makes you want to listen to it over and over again. Something about the voice, the conviction and the sheer passion in driving that change which goads you into action.

If the speech has the same effect on you, we would like to reiterate that one thing



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14 thoughts on “Martin Luther King Jr : 8 Powerful Quotes To Set You In Action

    1. Thank you Alok.. Martin Luther is certainly a very inspiring man. I am intrigued to know more about him and to read more about him and his works and of course his speech will keep ringing on my mind for a long time 🙂

  1. I just love it how you’ve explained the last quote ! Martin Luther is no doubt the best inspiring humanitarian for so many out there including me ! Loved every bit of this blog post!

    1. Thank you Najm. I simply loved the last one – the perpetual motion towards achievement of our purposes. Mighty powerful indeed.

      I’m completely with you. he’s perhaps one of the most powerful humanitarians at that part of the century and words are filled with fire.

  2. Hi Vinay, a very inspiring one again :)….I have a question on it…in
    the lines (in ur fourth point above), by taking the all the
    responsibilities 100%,do u mean, whatever is the task, u need to take
    it, when all ur colleagues escape to do it?….cos, I sometimes do not
    accept to do work, when I cannot complete it on time, due to lot of
    other duties to me, which i am supposed to complete immediately…so
    when, i do not accept it, do u mean, i am escaping from
    responsibilities?…for example, I have five assignments to complete for
    tomorrow morning without fail….but today evening,my higher official,
    calls two of us ( me and my colleague) and n gives a work to be
    completed by tomorrow morning and will ask as to, who can do it amongst u
    both?…at that time, I know that it is very hard to me to do it by
    tomorrow morning, and I keep quite and think a lot to accept
    it…by both of our silence at that moment, my higher official calls the
    third one (another colleague), and says il give it to her then…at that time, my
    colleague, who was silent when asked to do it alone, said, yes mam, I’l do
    it along with her…then, I felt that, she is smart n she is a senior in the work environment too….at that moment I thought, there is no requirement of more
    than two people for the job to be completed by tomorrow…so, I just
    kept quite…but somewhere I felt, did I do wrong, by not accepting to
    do the work?…Did I not act smart like my other colleague, who
    immediately accepted to work with the other one?….Did my higher
    official feel that, I am escaping from the responsibility?…and do you
    feel that, I am trying to be in a comfort zone n not taking up
    challenges? according to your fourth point here….

    see now, I am reading ur post :)…but within this hour, I could have done that :P…but I
    still did not accept it yesterday, cos, I had so many work to finish by today
    morning….also yesterday evening, I had very high degree of headache
    and thought I want to sleep one hour extra, to complete all my five
    assignments with a good quality (I mean by doing it upto the mark) for
    today…So, I did not want to take up the 6th one and do all the 5
    assignments just for the sake and also do the 6th one again just for the
    sake of doing it and be unhappy that I did not do anything
    correctly…aBy accepting that, the pressure would have increased on me
    and my head ache would have increased more and due to high level of
    stress, my quality of work would have been affected for rest of the five
    assignments too…so, now do u say, that I am escaping form taking up

    Now I am reading ur post, cos, my headache is gone,
    and I have completed most of my assignments…but I did not know yesterday that, my
    headache would be gone by today morning…cos, sometimes it will stay longer if I stress my sleep with out sufficient sleep….so, I did not accept work immediately
    yesterday…so what do you say?

    1. Thank you shylaja :).. I think this is a very valid question and a very valid set of emotions you are going through. Especially in a work environment, when you are surrounded by people who are doing it for the sake of doing it. I am completely with you and I really feel for the plight you go through.

      Having said that – I am afraid that in most cases we are surrounded by such people who do not want to take responsibilities cos it means work. But that doesn’t mean we take the responsilbility for them and not taking the fall for their faults.

      We will be faced by these challenges every now and then. And these challenges will have consequences too. We certainly cannot own up to every fault there is but we can for the ones where we can make a difference. In this case, I think you were absolutely right in turning down the 6th project cos you knew what you were doing, you knew the time constraint and you finished the rest on time.

      This way – you proved what you are capable of and more importantly you proved that you delivered everything you accepted on time.

      Maybe a deft way of telling your senior was that you would finish these 5 first in the order of priority and then pick up the last one. You could say that it is too hard to commit right now and you would want to stick to your word when you say something. That way you are establishing that you are a person of your word which establishes a great degree of responsibility.

      The unfortunate part is that we are surrounded by ‘yes men’. People say yes even if they don’t do anything. But in the end – the truth is – your actions are going to speak a lot for you.

      Talk to your senior, tell him how interested you were to pick up the 6th one. Tell him that you didnt cos you didnt want to disappoint him. Ask him for his suggestion – ask him how to manage time and improve your capacities. This shows that you are not taking up the project cos you are serious about it and not for the sake of it which will certainly be respected at a higher order.

      I hope this answers the question. Please let me know if it doesn’t. Happy to discuss further 🙂

  3. Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase is a hallmark for all of us. I’m in agreement with almost of the above quotes. It is for this reason that he was able to influence a great majority of people.

    A very motivating and inspiring post Vinay.

    1. Thank you Fayaz. I think that’s probably my favourite one in the list, That and the last one which says if you cant fly, run.. There’s something so powerful about each one of these quotes, something that pushes me out of the bed and makes me really want to get started. Speech sure is a great motivator :).

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