Marc Mero:The Greatest Gift You Can Give

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Marc Mero: The Greatest Gift You Can Give Someone

Marc Mero, a former wrestler, once a well-known face in WWF (World Wrestling Federation) has a little piece of message for you. You might be wondering what the former wrestler has for you. You might even be guessing it to be something regarding body building or hard work. Watch the video, you will be pleasantly surprised to see what the former wrestler has for you. We promise you, this video is worth a watch and you are sure to take something( mostly good) from it.


We believe that you agree this video is a wonderful piece of advice for all of us. We unknowingly miss out the best things in a relationship and when someone reminds us in this form we do recollect the beautiful bond of relationships.


The greatest gift my mother gave me: She believed me

“The greatest gift that you can give to someone, is to believe in them.” And how does it feel to receive such a gift? Heavenly! isn’t it? How wonderful to know you have a constant emotional support from someone in the family. Imagine returning the same gift to the one who badly needs it from you and to the one who has already gifted you with the same. Wouldn’t that wondrous joy and love?


Mom you are my hero.

She is my hero too. I am sure she is the hero of most of you reading this. She is the one who battles against all the odds to keep yo safe and fragile. What good are you returning her?


All she ever wanted to do was to talk to me.

“The first duty of love is to listen.” All she expects from you is this. Not just her, anybody talking to you wants this at the first place. They want you to listen. Every person is craving for a person who can listen and if you can listen then you are gifting one of the greatest joys to someone else’s life.


Life is not about winning the race. It’s about finishing the race.

What is life actually about? Success? Money? Fame?….We all have different answers for this, but all of us has one thing in common which makes the journey of our life beautiful “To love and to be loved.”


Love is just a word, until someone comes and gives meaning.

Think of that person who has defined a beautiful meaning of love to you. Just ask one question “How much are you giving back?” and the rest we are sure you know what to do.

Marc Mero is a motivational speaker today and he founded a non-profit organization Champion of Choices.

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12 thoughts on “Marc Mero:The Greatest Gift You Can Give

  1. Awesome post Vidyashree, unfortunately I was so hectically busy during last few days that really did not get the time to read any of your or Vinay posts. I was seriously missing them. 🙂 will soon catch up all the posts…

  2. I loved the part that life is about finishing the race and not winning.. Its a very positive post.. Thanks Vidyashree 🙂

    1. Thank you Roohi. That is a beautiful point stated by Marc Mero, never expected something like that from an ex- WWF player. I think we are so much after winning that we forget to enjoy the journey and thats what Marc Mero says too.

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