Manipuri Student Attacked, What Next?!

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Manipuri Student Attacked In Bangalore, What Next?!

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Manipuri Student Attacked In Bangalore

What’s happening? You don’t know the local language – You deserve a whack on your head! Is this the way a citizen of the country deserves to be treated? The latest news seems to point that way. A gang of 3 locals, the so called kannadigas attack 3 Manipuris and the exchange was as simple as this –

“Do You Know the local language?”

The answer was no and those poor guys end up sustaining injuries. Michael Lamjathang Haokip was the poor recipient of the strikes. A poor 24 year old kid succumbs injuries just because he doesn’t know the language. I am quite appalled seeing the state of affairs here. We are a secular nation of 29 states and 7 union territories. We speak about 780 languages in the country. Going by this logic, there are about 751 languages which need to be obliterated just because they are not local. Talk about justice!

I am quite ashamed to see this news, esp when I belong to this state and to know that fellow men have done something like this. There are a few questions which come to my mind when I look at this news snippet

1) Why did they do it?

Did they think it was cool to strike on someone cos they did not know the local language? Was it because they wanted to spread a message to the others saying that they are not welcome here? Or is it because that they were just jealous and had a personal reason to strike on them?

2) Why the intolerance?

We have been a nation of diversity, different people, appearances, culture, tradition, beliefs and even languages and sub languages. If we keep striking at people just cos they are different, where is the diversity left? We have prided ourselves as a nation of secular values and tolerant thoughts. Is this a way a tolerant person would react?

3)  Why is it important to have people from different languages or culture here?

We are no longer living in a secluded world. As a country we depend on other nations, we can’t afford to have bad relations with neighboring countries cos it takes a huge hit on the economy, if we strike on people from other country here, why should the people from other country be tolerant to people from this nation in their city? They can also do the same, they can also hurt these people and create a resulting chaos

4) Is it that hard to live up to a virtue of tolerance?

Is it that hard to understand the idea of acceptance in the world? Is it that hard to know that people are different and some of them will be better than us? Is it that hard to appreciate them as we appreciate ourselves? Or is it that we prefer to be of such closed minds that it doesn’t matter as to who feels what and we live the way we want to?

I know that I am sounding a little caustic in this post, but I am certainly miffed at the outcome and it feels savagery for someone to do something like this. We are a nation of proud people, but if this pride clouds the judgement and acts against the ethics of humanity, then that pride doesn’t make any sense, does it?

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16 thoughts on “Manipuri Student Attacked, What Next?!

  1. This is insane. Its really disturbing and painful when I heard such incidents are still happening in our country. Its completely out of my thought that what urge culprits to do so?? We are indians, is that reason not enough for taken care of, to spread brotherhood, love and prosperity. Nothing will change till the time we don’t change our thought process. If one want to be called as human, then one has to behave like a human.

    Great write up Vinay !

    1. Absolutely Priyashi. Sometimes I feel very proud of India as a secular country capable of living in complete tolerance. But it is incidents like these which make me wonder if secular is just a word in the books and not many seem to be actually bothered by it or these stray incidents..

      I agree, nothing is ever going to change unless the thought process does and it might need cleansing of a huge accord..

    1. True Alok, it is horrible to see such a trend on rise. There are so many good things around to follow as a trend but I wonder how it is always the bad thing which gathers a storm..

  2. I came over the incident in today’s newspaper. I was thinking on the same lines. It is like that the Jews were the victims in Europe (Germany) and now somewhere else they are making the Arabs victim. We just forget what we do unto others can also be done to us. we forget at the end of the day we are humans. That is what unites us humanity, do we need any other criteria? i don’t think so..

    1. It is a very shameful incident Datta, I saw the news clip and my head automatically went down in shame. I don’t understand why people are so hell bent on the concept of India inside India. It is sheer intolerance. It is a good comparison Datta, the unfortunate jews :(. And the way this incident has gone, I guess this one is not that different either.. It is as if the whole idea of humanity has gone for a toss. 🙁

  3. This is never going to stop unless we the citizens of India raise our voice against such uncultured acts of violence. We are divided by religion or language but we belong to our mother India which we hardly realize. These people need to understand the values of humanity and start respecting each other or else Why are we called Indians? Rather we should be called kannadigas, Tamilians, Malayalis, Punjabis, etc.

    1. Perhaps not Krishna, the thought of religious intolerance dates back centuries and different regions as well. As Datta compared this to the concentration camps for the jews by Germans and some other such gruesome events across the world, it makes me wonder if this thing is ever going to come in control. But like you said, it may never be in control. But the hope is that it reduces..

      And like you said, it is human above everything else. Till people realize that, nothing is ever going to happen..

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