A man who saved the lives of 669 children! Nicholas Winton

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Nicholas Winton. I had not heard of this man until I came across this video. A friend of mine sent this to me and I was left with no words. All I could say to my friend was a genuine  “thank you” for sharing this video. This humanitarian, Nicholas Winton will fill your hearts and eyes.

A 30 year old man all alone established an organisation and rescued 669 mostly Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia on the eve of the Second World War. A great example of humanity, right? Wait! the story isn’t over yet.  Can you believe he kept this  prodigious work as a secret from everyone?


It was after 50 years, when he was 80 years old his wife found the detailed scrapbook of the names and addresses of the rescued children and their parents. She secretively approached the BBC television program and with the scrapbook they found out 80 rescued children who were all grown up adults in Britain.  Winton was invited as an audience for the show “That’s life! and what happened later is all seen in the video. He met  his children, Winton’s children. He so deserves the title “British Schindler”

Nicholas Winton is 105 years old now and still remains a humanitarian. We see a lot of celebrities, politicians and businessmen talking about the humanitarian works they do but when you get to know about the humbleness of people like this you understand why “action speaks louder than the words”

“Everyone can be a humanitarian. All it takes is one act to help someone else.”– Valerie Amos




Sometimes I believe a few words are highly overrated including kindness too, but to me I guess kindness can be as simple as this, it is your LIFE, it is your way and it is just a way of expanding yourself and feeling thankful for everything you have been blessed with. Can kindness mean this? Or does it have to be a fancy elaborate wording?


28 thoughts on “A man who saved the lives of 669 children! Nicholas Winton

  1. Thanks for sharing and letting us know about him…a brave and kind-hearted man…kudos to him… 🙂

    1. I experienced the same thing when I saw this video Ravish.
      These were his words when asked about the children he saved ” Wherever they were. I had good reason to assume they were safe and cared for.”

          1. But then I will have to define which Nagaraju, Mr. or Miss? 🙂 Just kidding. When I reach to inspire I just assume the blog has been written by Vinay only 🙂

    1. Very true Anawn. That degree of humanity is hard to come.
      What surprised me was to know that the man never told about this to anyone and didn’t even expect a gratitude from the children he saved.
      He so justifies the word Humane.

  2. True Partha. There are many of those kind. There is saying in Kannada which goes like this when translated “Perform the act of kindness from one hand and let the other hand remain unaware of it” And Nicholas Winton proved it.

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