Making Friends As An Adult: Social Skills In The Making

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Making Friends as an Adult:

Came across this beautiful video by Buzzfeed about making friends

I believe this is a post for someone who has stepped out of college into the professional world and trying to rack their brains around the fact that life has become so different and complicated than it was during college. If I recall my old school and college days, I feel that it was such a bountiful time and all we had to worry about were the marks and the gossips about who we want to be friends with and not. And as time proceeds, we realise that something we miss the most is this friends circle and we wonder how it was so easy to meet and become friends with people in college and why it suddenly feels so difficult to come out of it and wonder where all this charm has gone.

Making Friends in college is easy

Very logical people have come out with very logical answers and some of the arguments I have heard

  1. We have very few responsibilities in college
  2. It is a safe environment, we feel protected
  3. We have a lot in common, common goals and common desires
  4. We are too busy in a professional set up.
  5. Professional people have deadlines to focus on and they are way too important to miss

To be honest, I think I have done all of that and still felt pretty bad doing that cos the bottom line was I was missing that part of life which seemed simpler and easier, where there were people around us to share and care. But then came all these responsibilities out of nowhere and made our lives boring and uninteresting.

What you can do to enable making friends

But as I come back to college now, I see that actually it is not that hard to make friend after all. All you need is the first step to get out of your chair and talk to someone. People are rarely as busy as they portray themselves to be. Not many of them are going to say no if you ask them  nicely for a coffee and try to know more about them. I know that the contexts are quite less but then again there are always opportunities to meet some amazing people. Previously we had talked about 10 helpful tips to make friends in work place. But here are a simple few to keep the discussion going –

  1. Joining some classes is a great way to meet new people
  2. How about signing up for these groups you care about – NGO’s, PETA, and so on where you have a common interest to strike a conversation.
  3. Sports is an amazing way to make friends and that is something which has worked amazingly for me. Some of the best friends I have are these sport buddies.
  4. Pick up hobbies which you can do with more people – Book clubs, recreation clubs and so on – there are so many of them.
  5. End of the day, you just need to make it a priority and you will see that things will start happening around you.

All you need sometimes is to step out of that comfort zone and friends really aren’t that hard to find.

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