Love Has No Labels- Love is Love

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Love Has No Labels- Love is Love

How do you define love? a feeling of affection for your parents?  Feeling of intimacy? Warmth of friendship?Adoration for someone? Fondness towards kids? Endearment? Tenderness? Reverence? Friendliness? Or is it just the pleasure of being with someone? We all have our definitions of love and not matter how different we sound with our definitions, in the end it all  holds good to the real meaning of love.

And when we know the meaning of love, we obviously know that love is beyond religion, race, gender, age, and many other things which we unknowing use it to bias. Here is one such video to support your thoughts or to wake up your thoughts on the meaning of love.

Watch the video, I am sure you will not regret your 3 minutes.

Love has no gender, love has no race, love has no disability, love has no age, love has no religion, love has no labels- Love is Love

Love has no labels:  ‘Love has no labels’ organisation is all about the truth of bias and prejudice we do implicitly or explicitly. The organisation comes with a tagline

“Before anything else, we are all human.
It’s time to embrace diversity.
Let’s put aside labels in the name of love.”

It has some interesting and thought-provoking quiz forms to analyse how biased we are (they call it the hidden bias) We say, we all are equal and treat everyone equal. Are we in real is a big question. Find your answers at The site has some helpful tips on how can one stop bias happening to him and a lot of other information, including the bias stories and tips. All in all, a totally helpful website for everyone around the world.

Let’s wake up of hidden minds and  realise the actual hidden bias we do and we are subjected to. Let’s join hands with

As Morrie Schwartz says, “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in.” Love comes in different forms and in different ways, all it asks you is to be a good artist to appreciate the form of love.

Here are 13 Beautiful Inspirational Love Quotes: The True Purpose, Meaning and The Beauty Of Love you may like.

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