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Negative results or failures if I may rate them as are unnerving and disconcerting to say the least, And it so happens that it is quite easy to be caught up in things. Ever wonder that you are in a certain mood and everything around starts seeming the same – whether the positive or the negative frame.

It feels as though they are all connected and maybe they are cos they all are happening to you, But for a moment, stop a bit, if you want to find a connection, you can very easily find one, a negative strand of thought is a very powerful one and it has all capacity to form a circle around itself and create a causal set of things. If a negative thought can be that powerful, so can a positive one.

What if we make a conscious choice just to look at the positives and nothing else, even if the situation is in a negative phase. What if we start looking at what makes us happy. What if we make a list of it. What if that is the light J.K.Rowling is talking about?

We have all made certain sacrifices, a lot of things hurt us and a bigger lot can make us happy, the choice can either be a conscious one to be happy or sad. We may perhaps want to stop a bit and rethink.



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