#LikeSRKsays: Top 6 Inspirational And Witty Sayings

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best of #LikeSRKsays, #LikeSRKsays motivational collection, #LikeSRKsays inspiration, #LikeSRKsays self improvement, #LikeSRKsays quotes#LikeSRKsays, well sure, no one says it like SRK says and there is a reason why it is on the top trending list of twitter today. We all know how powerful these divas are, sometimes cos of the work they have done, sometimes for what they stand for and sometimes for the very people they are. And in this case, today as the tweets go by, we realize that as SRK says, there are aspects of motivation all around us and here are a few tweets we would love to talk about today.

1) Dreams just take you on a journey, on an imagination but not to the final result. Sometimes dreams are just too small compared to your real ability and talent. Sometimes we end up underestimating ourselves grossly compared to what we can really do. And #LikeSRKsays

Journey more rewarding than the goal

2) Energy is a very important resource, not just a commodity. It makes us go beyond the things that pull us down and make us wonder and question ourselves. And the answer is sometimes in ignoring the people and thoughts that pull you down and as #LikeSRKsays

Secret behind my energy

3) There are two things that inspire us – inspiration and desperation. As Shiv Khera calls it, desperation is playing not to lose and inspiration is playing for a win. On the outset the results they are looking for might seem different but the truth is in how they do it and the energy that flows within them when they do it. And here is Gautam #LikeSRKsays

You will never win silver

4) We all have a few failures and screw ups in life. That doesn’t define us. That doesn’t necessarily mean who or what we are. We are more than that. The point is not just in hitting rock bottom and staying there feeling bad about ourselves. It is about going beyond those and standing up to what we really believe in. And this is #LikeSRKsays via MSD


5) If you want to do something in life, if you want to achieve something in life, you can’t lead the lives of others. It has to be in your own life, your inspirataions and aspirations and your beliefs and hard work. That is going to take you somewhere which really matters. And extending the same via Nabanita #LikeSRKsays

Dil Ki Suno

6) There is more to a name than just the person himself, it is the behavior and personality we associate to it, it is the values we stand for and the thoughts we live for. And it is that not just because we were told so, by the environment around us but because we really believed what they said and it really meant something to us. And #LikeSRKsays via King Of The World,

More than just a name

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7 thoughts on “#LikeSRKsays: Top 6 Inspirational And Witty Sayings

  1. I am BIG BIG BIG fan of SRK and all of the sayings tweeted today make me so happy ! Love all his sayings , it is true that to reach the top of the staircase of success one actually goes trough a lot ! My favorite among the tweets you have put today is Gautams and @itsnewbeginning’s tweets! Plus I would love to see more and more posts on twitter trending topics on inspire99 ! 😀 Loved the post!

    1. Thank you Najm :). He sure is more than an icon and an actor, I really like how much he has spread his wings across the various domains and how strongly he has established himself. He he, I loved both those quotes the most. They are very sensible and very powerful too :).

      Feedback duly noted Najm, I shall come up with more such posts from today so that we shall have more to discuss about different trends and happenings. Thank you for the tip, you will see more of it soon 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this post, Vinay. I’m a great fan of SRK…I love all his movies, the good, the bad and even the ugly ones 😀
    He has a great sense of humour and one should learn from his life…how he has become the king of Bollywood from a Mr. Nobody, is really amazing and inspirational.

    1. I’m glad you liked the post Maniparna. You said it precisely – this man sure has become the king of Bollywood and from a nobody to someone to aspire for and an icon for so many people. Inspirational sure is an understatement for such people 🙂

  3. I am a big fan of SRK and this, his wit, his story motivates me, inspires me. He has a great sense of humor and I know exactly from where it comes from. It comes from rising from the lowest in your life to reach beyond your zenith. Thanks for sharing the quotes. loved the way you put it across as usual

    1. Indeed Datta, his own story and the transformation he has made has shown a complete 360 view not just in the form of money and success but also in the form of stature and being a youth icon. I really respect him for that 🙂

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