Life Would’ve Been Easy Without Competition But – 8 Healthy Reasons For Good Competition In Life

Life Would Have Been Very Easy Without Competition

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Why compare yourself in the competitive world

Don’t you agree? Things would have been so much simpler, we would not have to worry about anything let alone failure, no worries about someone being better than us, no thoughts of bending to pressures, it could be an easy fun filled life! Well, as much as I would like to agree, I guess I would find it very hard without any competition. Think about it, no one to oppose you, no one to prove you wrong, everything you do is right, there is no reason for you to improve, there is no growth, in other words I would simply die. We thought of a few reasons why competition is necessary in life

 1) Keeps a check on you

Well it is very easy to assume that we are THE BEST at anything and everything we do and feel happy for the same, cos there is no one to oppose us, nothing to keep the standards high. It is sort of a monarchy and we never realize how good or bad we are.

2) Challenges your capabilities

It is a nice feeling to think that we are born with all the abilities we need to succeed in life and that is completely true, we have all we need, but the question is – Is it up to the mark? If not, it is challenging our capacities and helping us elevate our life’s standards to a higher grade

3) Maintaining our standards

With ourselves as the judges, there is only a limited amount we can grow, limited amount we can expand. The external competition tells us where we stand and what we might need to do to stay in the above average level or the outstanding level of expertise.

 4) Keeps the journey excited

 What’s life without whimsy, what’s life without an excitement? The challenges in our life keep us motivated, offer us a goal, expect a standard from us. If we are not going to comply, there is always someone who is willing to and make the best of the situation.

 5) It helps us beat our ego

It is who we are, not who we think we are which matters the most in LIFE. If there was no one opposing me, I would be the most perfect man on earth cos nothing I do can ever go wrong. Imagine how much of an effect it would have on my ego. And if I am a person with such ego, would any of you even like to talk to me?

6) Pushes you out of the comfort zone

Well we all love our comfort zones but not much growth happens there. Challenges push us out, make us work, make us break a sweat and realize that there is a lot more to do and a lot more fulfillment outside.

7)  Makes you realize how much more you have

We never realize the value of something till we have a fear looming over our head saying that we might lose it. And fair competition does exactly that, makes you realize how much you want that something

8)  Helps you grow more

 Above all, it helps you grow. It makes us come out of the short well which is cozy and comfortable, prepares us for what is real and helps us to grow beyond who we think we are to make who we actually become.

 And I think it is the most fun thing to be competing, to be raising yourself at every level and reaching out to the external requirements and realizing that there is a side to you which you’d love to touch base with..

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