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It is always a great feel to talk about the undertones of a quote. Like in this case it talks about the facets in different levels

Responsibility – So many times we often end up waiting for something to happen, someone to appear magically and solve our challenges and troubles, someone to uplift us and make life simple and smooth again. Seldom does it happen right? I guess rightly so indeed, if we ourselves do not take the responsibility for our lives, who would?

Change – Of course change is never easy. All our lives we know that we would have tuned ourselves into a format and believe that a world is shaped around it. But sometimes it often becomes imperative to realize that the world we see needs an uplift sometimes and what better than the quote which says – “Be the change you want to see”

Action – I am very sure that we all are very smart people, writing about things and reading about them. But when it comes to taking action on things, we somehow find a numerous amount of reasons, each one more justifiable than the other. But I guess we will always have those reasons, knowledge alone never solved anything right? Wasn’t it the action that made all the difference

What to do? – Well this is perhaps where the knowledge might come into effect. Although like we say easier said than done, knowledge is usually misconstrued in opinions and beliefs. But I guess the result and growth most times is beyond these limitations!

How to? – Now that’s the best question you can ask. Well I am sure we don’t know the answer right away. That is the beauty of things isn’t it? The exploration, the adventurous spirit, the hunger to make things happen, and beyond all the sheer feel of taking ownership and striving in the right direction. Gosh they simply find a way to take care of themselves don’t they?

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