Lee Mokobe, TED TALKS: I was the mystery of an anatomy, a question asked but not answered

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Lee Mokobe’s TED talk is one of the most powerful poetry on transgender. This is Lee’s exploration of identity and transition into a transgender person. This video is much more than any talk. This is what it feels to be a transgender.

Lee Mokobe:

Lee Mokobe has been a youth slam poetry champion. She is the founder of Vocal Revolutionaries, a volunteer-run literary organization focused on empowering African youth.

With all the changes and protests happening around the world for the transgender and LGBT rights, Lee Mokobe ‘s talk stands out to be one of the most powerful ways of expressing the transition phase of their lives.

LGBT has always been a subject of interest for many people. We all do talk about them and also sometimes gone to an extent to make fun of them. If not that, then at least we would have gone to an extent to identify them by the LGBT tag and identification. We have been doing the tagging from many years and we are sure it would last a few more years until each one of us understand that a human being is much more than a body.

We do realise how difficult it is go through the phase of puberty. With changing body and mind. We at least have the answers right in front of us, an assurance that things will happen in a certain way like how it happened with most of other people we know. Imagine the LGBTs? How much should they go through? To know that they are different from most of the others in itself is a scary thing- initially. To overcome the fear, to accept their body, to see the person beyond their body and to face the world which is eagerly waiting to tag them with a gender identity is highly challenging.

There are millions of people like Lee Mokobe, trying to come out of their shells or trying to burry themselves  alive. We have grown into persons with broader thinking and ofcourse deeper thinking and yes its a high time now, we should start respecting people for who they are and not for which gender they belong to.


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