Leadership Summit, Arnold: The Only Way

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Leadership Summit, Arnold: The Only Way To Get To The Top

Hindustan Times Leadership Summit

Hindustan Times Leadership Summit is a brilliant event which bring men and women from diverse backgrounds, who have accomplished great things and are an inspiration for millions. They stand by their vision, “At the Hindustan times leadership summit, you aren’t just a face in the crowd. You are the future. You are the leader. You are the India.”  This is the 12th Annual Hindustan Leadership. A two-day event with 25 dynamic speakers and 16 thought-provoking sessions. Sourav Ganguly, Amir Khan, Hamid Karzai, Kailash Sathyarthi, Arun Jaitley, Sarah Sands, Rob Rhinehart, Rana Kapoor, Rajnath Singh, Katie Jacobs Stanton, Nitin Gadkari, Christopher L Thomas and Arnold Schwarzenegger are among the prominent speakers.

Today’s event started with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here are the highlights of the talk.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the youngest to win Mr. Universe title, who won at the age of 20. A 5 time winner of Mr.Universe title  and 7 time winner of Mr. Olympia title who later became one of the successful entertainers in Hollywood, and not to forget, he was the governor of California from 2003 to 2011.

To know more about him read Arnold Schwarzenegger: All You Want To Know For Inspiration

Leadership Summit
Leadership Summit, Arnold: The Only Way To Get To The Top

Hunger For Life: People ask me why I get so hungry for more, I tell them it is because I grew up in Austria after the Second World War. We had no food, we had acute poverty and the condition was worse than it was during the war.” And now we understand why he is hungry to get more out of everything.


Vision: Arnold talked about his life experiences and the way he say life, from a total different perspective. He said that nobody in the family liked bodybuilding, but he had a dream to be the best at it. He had a vision which brought him so far and at the age of 20 he accomplished what he dreamt about. That’s why he stressed on having a clear vision in life.


Hard Work: Every 500 pounds that I lifted or every thousand sit ups that I did only brought me joy. He mentioned how happy it made him feel, as he associated every extra effort as a step closer to success.


Failure: Failure shapes future better than anything. That is what Arnold believes. It is different when you fall down, things don’t look the same, failure can be devastating, but if you try shifting the way you see life, it is more challenging. You become the beast and all you see is the world out there to conquer it.



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  1. Loved the inspiring words Arnold shared ! Its so good to hear all of the successful men speak about how they made it big. Would love t read talks from more celebs present at the HT summit 🙂 Thank you for sharing this :))

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